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If the declaration of ceasefire along the Indo-Pakistan border actually comes into force, it can also have a positive effect on the diplomatic relations between the two countries. Experts believe that the commencement of 4G service in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan’s support of measures suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to deal with situations like Kovid in the meeting of neighboring countries called on India’s initiative, of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Allowing the aircraft to use Indian airspace and now two steps ahead, the mutual agreement on the ceasefire is a sign that diplomatic relations between the two countries are going through a lot of strolling.

Doval is active at the
strategic level. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval’s activism is said to be behind the ceasefire. The effect of walking on several other levels can be seen in the coming days.

Positive signs at the diplomatic level,
experts say that the way India has responded to Pakistan after the latest developments, it is clear that the initiative to improve relations is going on behind the scenes. There is an effort to show some goodwill from both sides.

Changes on the ground: Important
sources said that if Pakistan strictly follows the ceasefire on the ground and terrorism and infiltration can be prevented, then some other steps can be seen to improve the relationship between the two countries.

Want relationship like normal neighbor: Foreign Ministry
has given a cautious statement on the question asked about the possibility of talks after the ceasefire. Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava has said, “India wants a normal neighborly relationship with Pakistan.” If there are any issues, they are committed to resolve them peacefully and bilaterally. On the question asked on other issues including terrorism, India has clarified that there is no change in India’s policy on important issues.

Meaningful initiatives will be seen
Sources say that after expressing support on the measures suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the meeting of ten neighboring countries a few days ago, Pakistan can also take some meaningful initiative in this direction.

On the
other hand, support from Jammu Kashmir has also given positive response to the parties of Jammu and Kashmir. Hurriyat has also given a positive statement. It is also said to be helpful in improving the environment.

Do not deceive Pakistan,
experts say that at present, India will adopt a strategy of waiting, considering the way Pakistan has shown bitterness towards India on the issue of Kashmir including Section 370. In the past too, Pakistan has been breaking the agreements, in such a situation, changes at the ground level will be important. Experts believe that there will be no change in the government’s policy regarding Kashmir.
Experts say that the ground situation will have to be monitored for the time being. If there is an initiative to improve relations with both China and Pakistan, then many important changes will also be seen in the area.

US pressure on Pakistan
Significantly, after the new administration comes to power in America, many developments are happening in the area. America has given a clear message to Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. The situation of Biden administration is also clear regarding Kashmir. Pakistan is afraid of being isolated. Its effect will also be seen at the level of diplomacy.


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