Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In this episode Phuiyla accumulated everybody for the treat. Puranjan and everybody celebrated Mangesh’s launch with songs and dances. Phuilya changed into approximately to fall, Mangesh stuck her. Joku got here and taunted. Phuilya went to her. Joku stated that Notun changed into proper approximately Phuliya. She wondered. Notun got here, the female Joku ran away with. Joku married her. Phuliya and Bhim Rao wondered.

Joku changed into cussed on his stance. Rama mocked his selection for marrying a person even as wondering Phuilya for being with any other guy. Phuliya changed into equipped to forgive Joku; desired Notun to go away. Joku refused, Notun might stay with them. Ramji stated that it’d have an effect on everybody withinside the neighborhood. Hitesh had a comparable stance approximately Bhim Rao. Joku stated that he would go away the location otherwise. Phuilya agreed. Rama and Bhim Rao attempted to forestall hr. Phuliya desired her husband to be round her.

Joku and Notun went interior. Phuliya burst into tears.
Joshi abducted Shankar to keep away from courtroom docket and Barrister competitive wondering. Sethji and the person desired to defeat Bhim Rao due to the fact they believed that he had management qualities. Joshi requested everybody to take and oath to train Bhim Rao and his forged individuals their lesson.

Bhim Rao couldn’t apprehend Phuliya’s reaction. Joku might in the end go away. Rama stated that girls in no way apprehend, society wouldn’t allow her go away alone.

Jijabai requested Mangesh to go away this neighborhood, it’d relieve Phuliya of her tensions. Ramji stopped Jijabai. She changed into addressing an issue, aleven though nobody listen’s to her.

Joku changed into speakme to Notun. Joku requested Phuliya to take her stuff and stay outside. She cried and protested. Joku dragged her outside, threw her at the floor. Bhim Rao went to speak to Joku. Phuilya stopped him, didn’t need Joku to go away again. She might survive. Rama wondered. Phuliya requested them to go away in any other case it’d wake everybody else. Mangesh noticed Phuliya, accused himself.

Hitesh hushed interior Joshi’s house. Joshi reminded him of his limits. Hitesh knowledgeable approximately Notun, the daughter in regulation who ran away. The guy changed into equipped to take his revenge.

Bhim Rao went to Phuliya sound asleep on ground. He placed a banket on her. Reminisced a comparable stumble upon In Satara, of girls oppression. He sat on footsteps, wrote his journal. He recalled all of the activities wherein girls had been downtrodden and mistreated. He wrote that girls had been the society’s maximum vital necessity.

Next morning, Joke woke Phuliya via way of means of kicking her. Asked her to make tea for him and Notun. Daliya referred to as Joku for converting as a guy. Phuliya agreed to make tea. Rama stopped her, requested her now no longer to make tea for them. Rama took her home. Joku taunted Phuliya for going to Rama’s house, as Mangesh lived there. Mangesh advised everybody that he changed into leaving. He requested Joku to cost her wife, she changed into an awesome female. On being wondered on her man or woman she slapped Mangesh in the front of everybody. Bhim Rao stopped Mangesh from leaving, he didn’t need Joku to agree with that Mangesh left due to him. Wanted to show that Joku changed into a fault. Mangesh asked Bhim Rao now no longer to forestall him. Bhim Rao responded that it changed into battled ready to be fought, they ought to win it for more good.


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