Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In this episode, Lama collected Bim Lao’s books at a bad time, Dariya Amma asked what he was doing. Lama leaves without answering.
Bim Lao cut off his finger and Shankar offered to pull his wagon. Bim Lao denied this. They continued to work.

The man informed Joshi that he had hidden Lambsey elsewhere. Joshi praised them. Jijabai has arrived. Joshi was surprised. She asked him to chase Lambsey, he was kidnapped. Joshi’s uncle replied that Ramji was useless, why would someone kidnap him? He further said that the fish in the pond are suffering from the absence of lambsey. Joshi threw a few cents at Jijabai and asked him to consider it as Lambsey’s salary.

Jijabai receives the money and leaves. Uncle Joshi, who gave him free money, said it was his reward because he opposed Bim Lao.

Lama brought the book to Bim Lao. She wanted to sell them because it was useless to her husband. Bim Lao got angry and asked him to leave. He had to take responsibility. She always thought Lama was being treated like her second wife. The book came first, then the llama. She asked Bim Lao to buy her book, she took care of her husband. Bim Lao refused to buy it. Shanker interviewed Rama, his sister asked Bim Lao to quit this job. Bim Lao refused. Rama was stubborn. Bim Lao agreed to buy a book, he wanted to think about it. Guruji stopped the llama. She asked Lama not to sell these precious books in the fight against Bim Lao. The weight of these books reduces their value. Lama wanted Bim Lao to listen to her. Guruji paid Rama for her books and bought them for Bim Lao, she said. Lama refused. He didn’t want Bim Lao to work for Joshi. He was her pride and her strength. Joshi interferes with and curses Bim Lao and Rama. Bim Lao is gone.

Anand asked the police officer. He knew that Lambsey had been kidnapped. The policeman ridicules Anand or asks if he will provide him with a uniform. Police officers had to deal with many other cases, Lambsey was an ordinary person. He said Anand would be notified if Lambsey was found. There are no officers. Anand recognizes the man who ordered the tea as the only man she met yesterday. Men usually eat at 3 but order tea at 4 at the request of the tea supplier. Anand was curious. Come to him, he asks. The men tried to escape, Anand grabbed him and cross-examined him.

Bim Lao gave Joshi a budget. Joshi asked him to keep two cents. Bim Lao and Shanker are about to leave. Joshi asked the rest of the lower castes that they were innumerable. Uncle and Joshi ridiculed Bim Lao in his words. Bim Lao asked when he would appear that morning. The girl said at 9 pm at the same time as college. Bimurao is leaving. Joshi asked him to thank his uncle and him and grab his hand. Bimura Ohet. She told him that Anand came and she found a man who had kidnapped Lambsey. Please ask your uncle. Bim Lao didn’t want to tell him. Anand says her name and leaves. Joshi was angry, he didn’t want anyone to know that he had kidnapped Lambsey.

They all asked the man. He was angry because he was taken back to the lower caste. Bim Lao arrives, apologizes for binding him and asks him to inform them about Lambsey. Anand wanted to hit him, so Bim Lao stopped him. He said he should be taken to the police. Jijabai refused, he doesn’t care about good and evil. Anand agrees with Jarbai. Bhim Rao said Ramji believes the law is an absolute sovereign. He ordered Rama to call the police, Rama asked. Lakshmi stops her. Bim Lao asked her to trust him. Lama agreed to call the police.

Anand and Jarbai wanted to use their power, but they were stopped. Daliya amma said Bhim Rao needs to submit to Jijabai and Anand. Bim Lao told him about his diary, according to him the violation of the law was wrong. Meanwhile, police arrived and were asked to cross-examine the man. The police took the man away. The man refused to name anyone. Instead he will die. Joshi called Bim Lao and ridiculed him for remembering the points in his diary instead of saving his father. Everyone joked with Bim Lao. Jijabai said Bim Lao wanted to kill Lambsey.

Bim Lao stopped her and said she had known him since childhood. He asked Anand that Lambsey was Bim Lao’s greatest strength, trust, and most valuable possession. Rama asked everyone to leave, Bim Lao no need to show his love for Lambsey. Anand argues. She opposed Bim Lao.

Prescription: Ahilya says I want to start your day with the blessings of Malhar, meet him. Khersonao says he’s not here, I’ll meet him in Darbar. Ahilya thinks where she is gone.


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