Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In this episode Ramji indicates Puranjan to discover a legal professional immediately. Bhim Rao’s instructor got here and scolded Ramji for being an irresponsible father. He knowledgeable Ramji that Bhim Rao didn’t post the from however of out of metropolis at the final date. Ramji changed into shocked, he left. The instructor understood that he changed into misinformed approximately Bhim Rao simply to prevent him from go to his house. Puranjan advised that Bhim Rao changed into occupied on the hospital, however he went to post the forms.

Bhim Rao requested Rama to put together his clothes, he might attempt to discover a manner to unfastened Mangesh. Would speak to Barrister, persuade him to take the case. Bhim Rao requested Rama to discover her earrings.

Ramji burst at Bhim Rao, requested if he submitted the from or now no longer. Bhim Rao didn’t lie, couldn’t set up the money. Ramji stated that Rama changed into approximately to promote her earrings to pay the fees; than what happened? Rama couldn’t discover the earrings. Ramji questioned. Rama got here with the earrings, stated that she couldn’t discover them tomorrow.

Ramji scolded Rama for being irresponsible, it costed Bhim Rao an entire year. Bhim Rao had no choice, Lakshmi changed into withinside the hospital, and that they couldn’t acquire sufficient assist from the acquaintances as well. He promised to paintings more difficult for subsequent year. Ramji left furiously.

Jijabai got here to kitchen, Bhim Rao accompanied her. He didn’t inform all and sundry the reality however if he did Jijabai might were the only to go through the consequences. He asked her now no longer to damage her life.

Puranjan did bear in mind Bhim Rao at fault. There need to be any other cause at the back of it. Rama apologized to Ramji. Ramji regretted him scolding Rama. He requested for her forgiveness. Rama recalled Bhim Rao’s words. She didn’t realize if she have to say it or now no longer however in step with her Ramji changed into the best one that might understand. She stated that Bhim Rao considers himself as burden for anyone.

She desired Ramji to accurate his paths and perceptions. Bhim Rao wasn’t by myself in this, anyone changed into there for him. Ramji requested her to leave. Puranjan requested Ramji to speak Bhim Rao out of this. they need to now no longer allow Bhim Rao experience weak. Ramji doubted his fatherly skills, he changed into getting old. Puranjan objected due to the fact Ramji lived for his children. Bhim Rao changed into worrier and Ramji made him one, which best any other worrier can. Ramji changed into a worrier and will in no way allow his son experience weak. He went to Bhim Rao.

Rama gave Bhim Rao her earrings for Barrister’s fee. Bhim Rao refused. Ramji referred to as Bhim Rao. Ramji wasn’t old, he changed into robust sufficient to hold all of the weight. Bhim Rao wasn’t a burden on him however his strength, courage, and pride. Bhim Rao need to now no longer bear in mind himself a burden if he desired to, he need to look ahead to Ramji’s death.

Bhim Rao hugged him, requested now no longer to speak approximately death. Ramji agreed with Bhim Rao approximately dropping the war, however they need to put together themselves for future.

Precap: Suhani and Sudha get caught withinside the traffic. Suhani says they may get overdue to visit university. Ranveer comes there as they’re taking walks at the road. He calls Ms. Zimmedari and asks her to come, as she is getting overdue for exam. He makes her take a seat down on the pony and begins offevolved using on it.


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