Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In this episode Rama apologized to Barrister for misbehaving. The Barrister informed Bhim Rao that won’t come to this workplace again, Bhim Rao could be best his assistant now no longer anyone’s husband.

Anand pleaded a Sethji for paintings. Sethji provided him to paintings on put up of handling budget. Though Anand didn’t recognise the paintings, determined to examine it from Bhim Roa and Ramji. Sethji wondered approximately his caste. Anand recalled Lakshmi’s words. Sethji idea that he became from decrease caste, Anand denied pronouncing he became from the higher caste as well. Sethji requested him to sign up for paintings from tomorrow.
Anand got here out, knew he became incorrect however needed to do it for the sake of his family.

Bhim Rao informed Rama that he felt carried out getting a task with the aid of using being sincere approximately his caste. Rama helped him with the aid of using stating Barrister’s mind-set closer to his very own paintings. Bhim Rao promised to paintings tough and turn out to be a a hit Barrister. Rama left pronouncing that Bhim Rao wasn’t speakme to her.

Daliya amma allotted candies in birthday party of Bhim Rao and Anand’s appointments. Her son refused to it, she forcefully fed him. Hitesh taunted that Bhim Rao became best provided a task at a Barrister however now no longer a Barrister. The humans endured with their name callings after which left. Ramji approved Bhim Rao to paintings for a Barrister, he had no trouble with it. Bhim Rao stated that it became Ramji’s and Bhimbai’s desire to look Ramji as a Barrister. Ramji requested Bhim Rao to go back domestic. Bhim Rao wondered. Ramji were given angry, requested him to percent his stuff and go back domestic. Everyone went inside. Lakshmi and Jijabai have been in entire despair.

Rama became satisfied to go back, she desired to attend to Ramji. They packed their bags, have been approximately to depart. Jijabai got here, requested them now no longer to go back in any other case she could leave. Rama wondered. She left. Rama’s siblings got here asking in the event that they have been returning to their unique domestic. Rama requested Bhim Rao to come, they could see the relaxation later.

Jijabai became satisfied with Anand’s task. Puranjan stated that Bhim Rao were given a task as well. Jijabai didn’t care approximately Bhim Rao because the day he left this residence. Ramji pointed that Bhim Rao became coming lower back. Rama got here and knowledgeable absolutely each person that they have been now no longer transferring lower back inn, it became excellent for absolutely each person. Anand wondered. Ramji requested Anand to allow her leave.

Bhim Rao defied Rama’s decisions, stated that she shouldn’t have stated so. It became Jijabai’s fault, she must were blamed, Rama didn’t need to take the accuse on her. Dailya amma intervened stated that Rama stored her in – legal guidelines from falling apart, she confirmed love and gratitude for her husband. Bhim Rao became clueless, he became not able to discover a solution.

Ramji awakened at midnight, he awakened Jijabai and requested her to accompany him on a stroll out of doors as he became feeling unpleasant. Jijabai agreed, they each got here out of the residence. Jijabai requested if Ramji became feeling any better. Ramji responded that he felt peace as soon as Jijabai got here out. He understood what passed off with Rama and Bhim Rao and why Rama refused to go back lower back. He requested Jijabai to depart the residence if she desired, he could cope with her expenses. He desired her to depart proper now in any other case the following morning she could should carry Rama and Bhim Roa domestic herself.

Precap: Joshi comes wondering Barrister for appointing Bhim Rao, he threatens to break him. Bhim Rao thank you Joshi for pushing him to go looking a task. Barrister asks Bhim Rao to keep distance from him and his pooja place.


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