Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with the driving force refusing to sit down with decrease caste, he will walk beside them to the village. Bhim rao asks him about the time period, the person says that they may reach earlier than sunrise. Anand said that it was satisfactory for them to reach kora village earlier than sunset. The all climbed up the cart. As they left, few villagers talked about the driving force mendacity to them about achieving kora village earlier than sunset. They had been of the view that he will rob them mid-way. Tulsa and manjula discussed approximately bhim rao and anand attaining kora village. Tulsa wanted to head as properly; she loves bull carts. Meera answered that they will marry her to a miles off village without a train station so that on every occasion she comes, she travels thru a bull cart.

Tulsa stated that manjula could marry earlier than her. Meanwhile, villager came and greeted meera and bala. They misbehaved with them in the past, he changed into ashamed of his doing notion bhim rao has always desired satisfactory for them. He got here her to prevent them from leaving satara. He wondered bala whether or not bhim rao and anand have long past to look an area and that they had been leaving satara? They didn’t want them to go away, confident their protection and peace.

Meera stated that the selection is still to b made. Vinnaik, bhim rao, damudan and anand had been extremely excited by means of the new websites. The motive force requested them to prevent, get some water from a close to through dam and devour their food. He’ll do the equal after which hold their journey to kora village. Bhim rao wanted to forestall after they reach the village. The man refused to obey bhim rao, he left. Anand said that in the event that they would have belonged to upper caste, he wouldn’t have left them right here. At the same time as they waited for the man, he enjoyed goodies along with his friends. Anand and bhim rao decided to get themselves some water. The driver left after completing his meal. Anand stated that the dam water changed into infected, no longer drinkable. He questioned the motive force, he stated that each one of an animal’s waste are damped inside the water equal to their caste.

They stay in dust; they why do it brothers them. Anand refuses to drink that water. They went returned on their journey. It became nighttime, bhim rao wondered why they haven’t reached kora village but. The man known as out to inquire if someone turned into there. He said that considering that no one became gift there, they are able to power the bull cart. Anand wondered that their dharam was best for the sector to see.

The person didn’t solution him, he sat within the cart and started out driving. Bhim rao and the rest were starving. Jijabai called ramji for dinner, a person got here telling ramji that he turned into knowledgeable about maharaj and bhim rao. Jijabai assumed that bhim rao indulged in any other in shape with maharaj. The person knowledgeable him that bhim rao uncovered maharaj, the police took him in custody. This news enticed ramji need to meet bhim rao and congratulate him. Bhim rao and the relaxation have been starving, they concept that he might kill them. T

he motive force stopped to relaxation for the night and preserve their travel tomorrow. Bhim rao asked why the man lied approximately reaching kora village earlier than sundown. He replied that he did it for money. Bhim rao went to get some water. The driving force asked him no longer to tell his real caste, so he must tell himself to be a muslim. The person requested for bhim rao’s caste as he asked for money, he instructed himself to be muslim. The man refused to provide the cash. Bhim rao pleaded. He threw the cash in bhim rao’s face.

The driving force laughed. Bhim rao changed into in tears. The person requested bhim rao to leave. Ramji had a nightmare approximately bhim rao being in hassle. Venaik requested bhim rao to let cross, they will live hungry for the night. Next morning, the put up and brought ramji bhim rao’s letter. He read it and left to locate bhim rao. The bull cart arrived with bhim rao and the rest unconscious. Ramji grabbed them internal.

The were thirsty. Jijabai and ramji fed them water. Bhim rao instructed ramji that they haven’t had some thing to drink and consume because the previous day. He hugged ramji and said that the humans right here were cruel, they might instead have them starve to death. He didn’t need to stay here.


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