Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins offevolved with Joshi advising Guruji now no longer to make his antique thoughts and frame paintings past their limit. Joshi left.

Ramji advised Rama everything, she desired to tell Bhim Rao. Ramji stopped her, Puranjan agreed with Ramji. Rama requested them to swear that they might in no way promote blood again. Ramji and Puranjan each had been requested to swear. Ramji and Puranjan sworn on Rama. Ramji stated that he become fortunate to get a daughter in – regulation like her. Rama stated that Anand and Bhim Rao had been locating jobs. Ramji desired Bhim Rao to study. Puranjan stated that Joshi won’t permit Bhim Rao paintings. Rama desired to deal with Joshi herself, she left. Puranjan requested Ramji now no longer to fear.

Anand got here in, he were given a process on a deliver for three annas a month. Anand become glad as it might convey Bhim Rao again to this residence and clear up all their problems. Lakshmi forbid him to paintings. Jijabai wondered because the cash might gain everybody. Lakshmi become concerned because it become a unstable process due to the fact ships can sink. Anand didn’t ought to threat his lifestyles for the own circle of relatives. She went inside, Anand went after her. Meera taunted Jijabai as Lakshmi has grow to be precisely like her.

Anand attempted to persuade Lakshmi, threat become universal, he might have died on the street if Guruji hadn’t keep him. lifestyles gave Anand some other chance. Lakshmi had her condition, she requested Anand to stay one by one in some other residence. Anand refused as he can’t stay with out his father, wondered her approximately Jijabai. Lakshmi didn’t need Anand to spend his incomes on others, she stated to depart his residence otherwise. she stormed out of the residence.

Jijabai got here after her, requested her now no longer to make abrupt decisions. Lakshmi has found out lots from Jijabai, and in line with her recommendation Lakshmi didn’t need to grow to be some other Jijabai of the own circle of relatives together along with her husband spending his lifestyles on others. Rama’s siblings got here soliciting for Rama, Jijabai despatched them away. Jijabai requested Lakshmi to ship Bhim Rao farfar from this neighborhood.

Bhim Roa got here to a Barrister, Joshi become already there to warn Bhim Rao. Rama got here, he advised the Barrister that Joshi become an top caste display has been troubling Bhim Rao, roaming round him like a servant. Joshi furiously stopped her. Rama become afraid. Bhim Rao pleaded the barrister for paintings as he needed to grow to be a barrister like him as well.

Puranjan requested Ramji to have confidence in Rama, she become fortunate for Bhim Rao.

Joshi requested how the decrease caste might gain the barrister. The barrister stood up, he pointed to pics at the wall who had been his Guru’s, all of them had been from top caste whom he worshiped as gods. The barrister desired to be valued the equal however didn’t need a decrease caste to position his photo at the wall. He requested them to depart. Rama refused and wondered the Barrister’s regulation of justice. Bhim Rao took her. Rama freed her hand, did a few writing on a paper while everybody become seeking to forestall her. She has written Bhim Rao’s call at the paper, paste it at the wall and stated that at some point her husband might be a Barrister as well. The Barrister known as the guards. Bhim Rao took Rama outdoor herself. Joshi left afterwards.

Bhim Rao become towards Rama’s behavior, stated that she become wrong. Joshi got here and taunted. Rama requested him now no longer to return back among husband and spouse and step again. Bhim Rao left. Rama went after Bhim Rao, stated that Joshi didn’t recognize Bhim Rao.

She chased Bhim Rao, requested him now no longer to be mad. Bhim Rao become indignant as Rama misbehaved. He didn’t need to speak to her. Rama stated to do the equal.

Anand become consulting Meera concerning his problem with Lakshmi. Meera stated that Jijabai had a string maintain on Lakshmi. Anand noticed Bhim Rao, went to him for recommendation.

Anand wondered Bhim Rao what to pick among Lakshmi and a process he become offered. Rama introduced that he should pick the process. she taunted Bhim Rao with the aid of using pronouncing that it become legitimate to insult spouse for a process. Anand speculated some thing odd, stated to return back later. Rama stopped him, requested him to continue. She left. Bhim Rao requested Anand to get the process however now no longer fear approximately his educations.


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