Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

A woman and a boy got here ahead. Maharaj requested villagers to ship these human beings away, they had been worrying the prayer.

Bhim rao asked the woman to tell all people her relation to maharaj. She knowledgeable everybody that maharaj turned into her husband, everybody became taken aback. She stated that they have a son as properly, but he changed into brutal and greedy for wealth and luxuries.

He ran away with sethji’s daughter, after two months the information got here that he killed her. She in no way noticed him once more until nowadays in this village. She said that he became no maharaj however a criminal, a merciless father, and a merciless person. Mangesh taunted maharaj for no longer remembering his family though he has a son and a wife. Maharaj stated that the girl turned into lying, he has never visible this lady earlier than in her life. Bhim rao requested for proof. The girl stated that maharaj has a few marks in his returned.

Bhim rao stated that to show the lady wrong maharaj must display his back. The villagers asked maharaj to expose his lower back. Maharaj did not need to live in a place where he continuously wishes to show himself, he turned into leaving. Mangesh blocked his asking him to show his supporters his returned. Mahesh and maharaj grabbed him, in the meantime the boy tore his blouse and confirmed every person the scars.

The boy commenced crying, his mom hugged him. Maharaj grabbed a knife threatening to kill absolutely everyone to dared to come back near. He then grabbed his wife, warned to kill her if absolutely everyone got here ahead. The police came. Meanwhile a person hit maharaj in the head. The woman turned round to peer bala.

Maharaj fell to the grounded, bala pointed the stick at him recalling the typically he changed into crushed because of maharaj. The police tied maharaj. A girl spit on his manner for betraying them, although they didn’t have something to consume for themselves but nevertheless donated all they may. They believed in him, gave him anything they may.

Sethji turned into mad at himself for having religion in maharaj, they cared about his murti more than their own wishes. Bhim rao said that that the actual difficulty became the humans’s intellect, they depended on him blindly. This method could continue if human beings might now not recognize. Mangesh agreed.

Maharaj turned into stoned and dirtied with mud because the police took him to prison. Bhim rao apologized to the lady and the boy.

The girl turned into satisfied, she desired to rejoice her victory. Pandith and sethji had been extraordinarily indignant for believing and praying maharaj. Sethji said that with the intention to shut bhim rao they complied to the whole lot maharaj told them. Mangesh got here saying that they’ve been doing similar to maharaj, however they want to smooth their hearts and relive their life as pals, just like the old times. Sethji apologized, mangesh hugged him, he stated to have learned one element in life that if he have been ever given an option to those between bhim rao and maharaj, he would continually select bhim rao. Sethji might contradict now but one day he and the entire society will remember that bhim rao is proper.

Pandith stated that they can’t allow pass of their dharam due to a faux maharaj. Mangesh argued that bhim rao has never requested them to permit cross of their dharam and the belief in god. Sethji requested pandith to experience the peace in satara today. Sethji said that bhim rao didn’t do proper through closing all of the alcohol bars in satara. Mangesh laughed. Bala had already talked to ramji, he asked not to be pressurized.

Meera said that bhim rao, anand, venaik and damudan must visit ramji first. Bhim rao puzzled approximately tulsa and manjula. Meera stated that they were only doing to investigate if the whole lot were up to their mark than rest of the family would come. Mangesh got here, sethji became with him. Mangesh asked sethji to move the boundary for as soon as, their home would sense like his. Sethji recalled the oftentimes he hurdled bhim rao and his circle of relatives. Sethji came in the residence. Every person was surprised.

Sethji stated that his son gave bhim rao a coat as soon as and h burnt it but these days he has added all his new garments for him, those he in no way wore. He offered bhim rao with the clothes. Meera idea that if bhima bai had been alive, she could have witnessed sethji providing her son with clothes, a person who bothered them the maximum. Sethji wanted bhim rao to simply accept those garments as an apology for the injustice towards the decrease caste.

Mangesh supported sethji. Bhim rao took the clothes. Sethji requested them to inform ramji that satara’s sethji dhansuklal has bettered himself.


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