Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In this episode Bhim Rao inquired how Rama were given injured, she didn’t need to reply however Bhim Rao insisted. Daliya amma got here and knowledgeable.

Lakshmi and Jijabai have been watching for Bhim Rao to return back and query them approximately Bhim Rao. Jijabai desired to insult him. Bhim Rao got here, Rama accompanied her. Jijabai requested Lakshmi now no longer to simply accept her mistake at all.

Rama stopped Bhim Rao. He knew Lakshmi did it deliberately. Rama knew, she forbids Bhim Rao now no longer to impeach her. Bhim Rao won’t recognize what ladies cross through, Rama forgave Lakshmi much like Bhim Rao had forgiven Joshi. She requested him to go back home. Bhim Rao lightened his mood, stated that anger doesn’t fits him. Bhim Rao grew to become returned to look at Ramji sitting outside.

In the morning, Bhim Rao stood in his balcony watching Ramji sleeping. Ramji woke up, he took paper out of his pocket, checked out Bhim Rao after which tore it into portions. Puranjan got here, he observed however remained silent. Jijabai sweeping the floor , accumulated the ones portions and threw them outside. Bhim Rao went inside. Puranjan stated that Ramji ought to have examine it as soon as, it become from Bhim Rao. Ramji stated that he examine it ultimate night, he found out that his son touched his body. Bhim Rao wrote that he has been forbidden to go to him, he asked Ramji to attend to himself. Ramji cherished that his son become involved approximately him but dissatisfied that he wasn’t takin care of himself. Ramji become activate for work, he wasn’t feverish anymore.

Joshi got here to the neighbor asking Bhim Rao to return back outside. Hitesh wondered. Joshi knowledgeable him that he become in a tug with Bhim Rao concerning his quest for a job. Hitesh stated that nobody can win from the Boss. Rama got here requested Hitesh and all people to worship Joshi in the meantime Bhim Rao got here down all organized for challenges. Ramji got here out, Joshi requested Jijabai to be cautious with the scarf because it become very highly-priced. Joshi can Bhim Rao left.

Jijabai become wondered approximately the highly-priced scarf Ramji bought, in line with Joshi. Jijabai stated that it become waste of cash. Rama pondered; she become curious to understand the purpose at the back of the highly-priced scarf.

Ramji stated that he desired to promote greater blood, he could collect extra cash and loose Manjula’s chain. Puranjan stopped him, he wasn’t healthful sufficient. Ramji stated that preceding day health practitioner won’t be on responsibility today, he could be capable of promote come blood. Puranjan pleaded for Ramji to now no longer make such mistake. Ramji made a mistake via way of means of asking Manjula for the chain, he didn’t need to copy it. Asked Puranjan to visit work.

Bhim Rao went to supervisor, advised him approximately his decrease caste and Joshi’s intention. But mainly he become knowledgeable and succesful for a job. The manger requested him to consider his first lines, requested Bhim Rao to copy those sentences via way of means of status right here all day, then he could get a job. Bhim Rao refused. The supervisor went inside. Bhim Rao become decided to discover a job, stated that he won’t allow his caste end up his weakness. Bhim Rao left.

Joshi accompanied Bhim Rao. Guruji met Bhim Rao, he advised him approximately a shape he added for Bhim Rao due to the fact he wasn’t coming to college. Joshi requested approximately the price. Guruji stated that it become for 1 ana. Joshi mocked Bhim Rao pronouncing that he doesn’t have sufficient cash to fill the shape. Guruji desired to fill the shape for Bhim Rao. Joshi made Bhim Rao experience like a beggar. Bhim Rao refused, stated that h could fill it himself as soon as he reveals a job. He had 3 days. Bhim Rao left. Joshi requested Guruji to awareness on himself in place of Bhim Rao. Guruji insulted Joshi, stated that he become going to fail in life. As Joshi’s trainer he recommended him to go back home.

Ramji went to the health practitioner to promote him blood, Puranjan got here to promote his as nicely. Ramji wondered him. Puranjan couldn’t stay together along with his pal promoting blood. Rama got here in, desired to promote her blood as nicely due to the fact his father and uncle have been promoting as nicely. Ramji wondered her. Rama responded that promoting blood become as incorrect as Bhim Rao working. Doctor requested them to remedy their trouble first.


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