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Congress leader Kamaraj’s cutout at a government function attended by Prime Minister Modi in Coimbatore yesterday has caused controversy in Tamil Nadu politics.

Prime Minister Modi arrived in Tamil Nadu yesterday (February 25) to launch various government projects. AIADMK founder and former chief minister MGR Cutout and former Congress chief Kamaraj were given a huge cutout at a public meeting attended by Prime Minister Modi at the Kodaikanal premises in Coimbatore. Along with their cut outs, the cutouts of Prime Minister Modi, BJP national leader JP Natta, Tamil Nadu BJP leader L Murugan and top leader CD Ravi were lined up.

In Coimbatore, the Congress party has strongly condemned the BJP’s cut-out of Congress chief Kamaraj at a public meeting attended by Prime Minister Modi.

Congress leaders, who said Kamaraj was under attack by the RSS, said it was shameful for the BJP to put Kamaraj on the cutout. However, in the attack on Kamaraj, the RSS An RSS leader denied that the organization had any role to play. Also, he said there was nothing wrong with using a leader’s cutout.

Speaking at a meeting at the Kodaikanal ground in Coimbatore on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi said the meeting between the leaders of the two parties would be like a ‘corruption hack’, targeting the DMK-Congress alliance in Tamil Nadu. Because, he said, they would often meet only to discuss how to loot. The event was attended by Governor Banwarilal Purohit, Chief Minister Edappadi K Palanisamy and Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam. The Prime Minister inaugurated several projects in Coimbatore. Neyveli New Thermal Power Project and 709 MW Solar Power Project for four South Tamil Nadu Districts, Modernization of Bhavani Sagar Dam to irrigate two lakh acres of land at Erode, Tiruppur and Karur, eight lanes of Korampallam;

Praising the Tamil language and culture, Prime Minister Modi said the co-operation of the NDA and AIADMK governments was a prime example of federal co-operation. Citing the good relations between the state and central governments, he said that many central projects have been provided. Speaking at the public meeting, Prime Minister Modi said, “Political opposition is based on bullying and harassment. Whenever the DMK comes to power, they will promote a monarchical culture. In every district, they have anti-social forces harassing innocent people. Their party leaders are extorting money. Do you know who suffers the most from such a culture? That is why only Tamil Nadu women are affected.

Meanwhile, EVKS Ilangovan, a senior Tamil Nadu leader and former chairman of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, told The Indian Express that the BJP had no right to use the image of a leader who had tried to assassinate the RSS. When Kamaraj was the chairman of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), RSS men tried to assassinate him in Delhi. Because he is from Tamil Nadu. They have no right to use his image now, ”Ilangovan said.

Congress spokesman Anand Srinivasan said, “They first captured Sardar Patel. What happened? Narendra Modi changed his name to Gujarat Maidan பதிலாக BJP and RSS are not ashamed. They go everywhere and try to capture famous leaders. This is an attempt to capture Kamaraj. This is nothing but that they are targeting the Hindu Nadar vote, ”said Anand Srinivasan.

H. Raja, a senior RSS leader and former BJP national secretary, said he was unaware of Kamaraj’s cutout at the Coimbatore public meeting. He was part of the Jana Sangh alliance with Rajaji in 1971. What happened to his own organization, the Indian National Congress (organization)? It later merged with the Janata Party. What is wrong with the BJP using his image? ” That raised the question.

H. Raja was responding to EVKS Ilangovan’s allegation that the RSS had tried to kill him, citing an incident in which his house was burnt down by Hindu groups in Delhi. Is RSS name mentioned in the indictment for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi? No, similarly, the RSS was also involved in the attack on Kamaraj. The name is not mentioned anywhere. The attack followed his controversial remarks on ‘why not kill, why not eat’ in response to a conference organized by various Hindu organizations against the 1967 cow slaughter. The RSS did not attack him. But there were some who were hurt by his comments, ”said H. Raja.

Ramu Manivannan, a professor of political science at the University of Chennai, said: “There is a section who use Kamaraj for their social identity. I see no other reason for the BJP to use Kamaraj’s image in their party general assembly, other than to target this group to expand the community – based expansion in Tamil Nadu. They never talked about his rule or policies. This is done by presenting the Hindu Nadar vote. This is definitely a growing vote bank for the BJP in Tamil Nadu, ”Manivannan said.

AIADMK founder and former premier MGR’s photo was used in a campaign song released by the Tamil Nadu BJP a few months ago. Many AIADMK leaders had objected.


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