ED Trying To Trace Cash Stash Of SSC Scam Accused Manik Bhattacharya: Enforcement Directorate (ED) is investigating to find the whereabouts of Manik Bhattacharya’s huge sum of money. So far, around ten crore rupees have been found in the bank accounts of Manik’s wife and son, who are accused of Tet corruption. But ED detectives have found about 30 more bank accounts of Manik Bhattacharya. According to the detectives, if we calculate the amount of corruption of Manik Bhattacharya till now, it should exceed 250 crore rupees.

Now the question of ED is, where did Manik move this huge money? Where has that money been invested? Detectives suspect that Tate’s corruption money has been invested in some businesses. ED wants to question Tapas Mondal, who is close to Manik, again to get more information on this matter. According to ED sources, ED has already questioned Tapas Mondal twice. In the cross-examination, Tapas named some others. The ED may interrogate one or two more people to find out whether those persons were somehow connected with the Tet corruption.

It is alleged that Manik was associated with corruption since 2011. His close friend started raising money by opening a teacher training center in 2012. Then some people contacted him. The detectives want to be sure about the connection between those persons by interrogating Tapas further. After that, the ED can summon them to the office of the CGO Complex in Salt Lake in the second or third week of November. According to ED officials, they are not ruling out the possibility that some of them may be influential.

Officials are desperate to get the whereabouts of money belonging to the Board of Primary Education and MLA Manik Bhattacharya, the ED said. According to them, Manik took five thousand rupees from each student in the name of offline admission from 600 DLed colleges. It is likely that each college has an average of 30 or more students admitted through this system. This list is generating ED. In this case, too, the ED is looking at the possibility of corruption of 10 crore rupees per year on average. According to ED, this amount will exceed 30 crores in 2018. The ED alleged that the huge amount of money would have reached Manik Bhattacharya in cash.

Apart from this, the names of 4000 job aspirants have been recovered from the CD recovered from Manik’s house. ED confirmed that 2500 primary teachers got jobs out of them. ED believes that the Maniks have received at least 200 crore rupees from them if they got the job with money. However, the ED wants to confirm how many of them got paid jobs. Attempts are being made to find out the amount of money in the 30 accounts that have been found so far. Again, it is alleged that a huge amount of money has been collected in the name of getting jobs in primary schools by filling in blank answer sheets in various BED and D El ed colleges of the state. At the same time, ED has received information that a lot of money has been taken for the transfer of primary teachers according to their wishes. ED said Manik Bhattacharya may be interrogated again in jail in search of that huge amount of money.

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