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Earthquake-Lunar Eclipse: Is There A Connection Between The Full Moon, Earthquakes, Lunar Eclipse, And Earthquakes?: Earthquakes are common. But.. what kind of time are they? It has become a topic of discussion that is happening in any case. What is the mystery behind earthquakes and earthquakes on full moon days.. during eclipses?

Earthquakes are common. But.. what kind of time are they? It has become a topic of discussion that is happening in any case. What is the mystery behind earthquakes and earthquakes on full moon days.. during eclipses? If the planetary positions are not good.. will there be terrible accidents and unexpected calamities in the range of Amavasya and Full Moon? What does astrology say?

Even if it is not believable.. looking at the developments and the earthquakes that are happening.. it is understood that there is some mystery hidden behind this too. It is said that during the full moon, the sea becomes turbulent. On other days. it is said that the waves in the sea are not so much. And why does it happen on the full moon day? There are questions as to why the sea looks calm on other days.? That is. Is the moon also related to the atmosphere surrounding the earth and the natural disasters that arise here? Doubts about what is actually happening.. are haunting everyone.

Even now. Within a few hours of the completion of the lunar eclipse.. an earthquake occurred in the Himalayas. Its effect was seen till Delhi. Reports say that more than 20 thousand earthquake tremors are recorded every year. All these.. most of them do not come out. Because.. they are very mild. Their intensity does not even register above the Richter scale. But.. the earthquakes that occur during the full moon.. seem to be a bit serious. Their intensity is also recorded on the Richter scale. According to this, it is understood that there is a secret that is not available to science. Many people believe that when the planetary positions are not good, terrible accidents and unexpected disasters will occur during the new moon and full moon. Regarding this.. many examples have already been shown. Moreover, it is also believed that earthquakes occur on full moon days. The tsunami that hit India in 2004 also took place on a full moon day. If we look at the recent earthquakes, they are also said to have occurred within the full moon.

Not only on full moon days, but many natural calamities are also occurring in new moon days. Even on the days when the moon is fully visible, even on the days when it is not visible, earthquakes occur. This should not happen only in India or in the Himalayas. All.. can happen anywhere in the world. Any other disaster may come. But.. they believe that the effect is certain somewhere. Not only the full moon and the new moon but the effect of eclipses is also seen from time to time. Solar and lunar eclipses are also believed to cause some natural calamity somewhere on the earth. For this… those who strongly believe in astrology and mythology… also show many examples. It is said that on the days of the full moon, new moons,s and solar and lunar eclipses, some kind of accident will happen, and some important change will happen. Moreover.. these days are approaching.. it is believed that some kind of threat is lurking somewhere.

Let’s leave all this theory aside for a while. If we consider how earthquakes occur according to science.. the whole earth is made up of four layers. It consists of the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust. The crust and upper mantle core together are called the lithosphere. This 50 km thick layer is divided into several parts. These are also called tectonic plates. There are seven inside the earth. When these plates move strongly underground, earthquakes occur. This is what science says. Earthquake intensity is measured on the Richter scale. When an earthquake occurs, the intensity of the energy released from the earth at that time is measured. The epicenter is just below the place where the underground energy is released due to the movement of the plates.

This is the most earthquake-prone place. The lower the frequency of this vibration, the lower the effect. If the magnitude is greater than 7 on the Richter scale, tremors occur within 40 kilometers of the earthquake. All this.. the science we study and believe in. However… Is there really a link to the sea becoming turbulent on the days of the full moon and new moon? That has to be decided now.


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