The coastal areas of northeastern part of Japan experienced a strong earthquake on Saturday, with tremors felt in Fukushima, Miyagi and other areas. By the way, there is no risk of tsunami. Officials gave this information.

Japan’s state-run broadcaster NHK TV reported that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant now began to investigate whether there were any problems at the center after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Saturday night. Ten years ago, a nuclear earthquake caused major damage to this nuclear plant.

Government spokesman Katsunoba Kato told reporters here that there were no reports of any disturbances from other nuclear plants in areas such as Onagawa or Fukush Dioni. No casualties were reported. According to Cao, the Tokyo Electric Power Corporation reported that 860,000 homes lost power after the earthquake.

japan earthquake

He said there was no tsunami threat from the earthquake, although some trains were stopped in northeastern Japan and other damage is still being detected. In the video aired on NHK TV, some pieces of a building wall fell and things fell from the shelf.

Level 6 EARTHQUAKE in Japan. Was in Fukushima but still shook my home well!

– Mr Japan 🇯🇵 (@YLaylee) February 13, 2021
The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of about 60 kilometers above sea level. The Prime Minister went to his office immediately after the news of the earthquake where a crisis center was set up. The earthquake was felt from Tokyo to the southwest.


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