During the Panchayat elections in Bihar, there may be a jail term of one year for damaging or taking away the sheet (ballot) pasted on the EVMs with the names and symbols of the candidates in the polling stations. Any person who takes the said sheet unauthorizedly or tries to take it from the polling station can be punished. If someone knowingly assists or abetts to do such an act, he / she can also be punished with imprisonment of up to one year or fine of up to five hundred rupees or both. The State Election Commission has included it in the Model Code of Conduct for Panchayat elections.

The Presiding Officer gets the right to arrest
According to the Commission, if the Presiding Officer of the polling station has reason to believe that a person has committed or has committed a punishable offense, he can arrest the person before leaving the polling station. . That officer can direct the Reserve Officer to arrest the person and search the person or get him searched by a security officer. According to the commission, but when it is necessary to search a woman, the search can be carried out by another woman, taking full care of decorum. According to the commission, any ballot paper found on the search of the arrested person will be given by the presiding officer to the police officer for safe keeping. If searched by a police officer, he will keep it under his own protection.


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