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In Karaivetti Bharathur, which falls under the Thirumanur Union Territory of Ariyalur District, farmers are unable to do so due to the refusal of the Consumer Goods Corporation officials to pick up paddy at the paddy procurement center due to continuous rains.

On Saturday, farmers staged a wait-and-see protest at the Paddy Procurement Center, refusing to take the harvested paddy. Following this, the officers visited the village of Karaivetti Bharathur and inspected it. The farmers then filed a petition with the District Collector today (02.03.2021). The villagers and farmers demanded immediate action to procure about 20,000 bundles harvested in Karaivetti Bharathur village.

Special permission has been given to take paddy in Cuddalore, Tanjore, Nagaon and Thiruvarur districts. They also petitioned the District Collector to take action to purchase the affected paddy in the Ariyalur district after obtaining special permission, led by Thanga Shanmugasundaram, state head of the All India People’s Service Movement Agriculture Division. The district collector, who heard the farmers’ demand, promised to take immediate action. Many farmers including Tamil Nadu Agricultural Association representative Thangamalai, Karaivetti Bharathur Panchayat President Ganesan and former UM Deputy Chairman Sellappillai were present.


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