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Journalist Jamal Khashogi’s fiancé Havis Kengiz has demanded the punishment of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after the US intelligence report surfaced. The US on Friday uncovered a report that publicly accused the prince of approving Khashogi’s murder at the Istanbul Consulate in Saudi Arabia in 2018.

The report said that Prince Salman bin Mohammed of Saudi Arabia had approved the conspiracy to kill Khashogi, who was in exile. This is the first time the US administration has openly named Salman bin Mohammed in Khashogi’s assassination. At the same time, Saudi Arabia has rejected this report.

Khashogi’s fiancé Hattis Kaniz said in a statement released on his official Twitter, “Prince Salman bin Mohammed ordered the ruthless killing of an innocent man. He should be punished without any delay. This will not only bring justice to Jamal, But can prevent such an event from happening in the future. ”

Khashogi, an American resident and critic of Prince Mohammed, who wrote for the Washington Post, was assassinated.

The Saudi government, which initially said it had no information about Khashogi, says it accepts responsibility for the assassination, but was not involved in the prince. In a statement late Friday, the Saudi Foreign Ministry said it completely rejects the US report.


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