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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is in the news these days because of her book. In her memoir ‘Unfinished’, Priyanka Chopra has made many shocking revelations related to personal and professional life. Meanwhile, there were tremendous news about Priyanka’s pregnancy in the past. A picture of him was also going viral, seeing that many media reports were speculating that Priyanka might be pregnant. At the same time, Priyanka Chopra has responded in a very special way on all these rumors of pregnancy. He has also shared photos on his social media.

Some pictures of Priyanka Chopra went viral in which she was seen wearing gym tights and baggy sweatshirt and sneaker. According to a Spotboy report, rumors of Priyanka’s weight gain and pregnancy had started since this picture. There are also speculations that he is wearing loose clothes to hide his baby bump. At the same time, it has been told in the report that Priyanka has denied the rumors of pregnancy through pictures shared in her latest Instagram story. Priyanka is seen perfectly fit and healthy in these latest photos.

Actually, Priyanka Chopra shared two pictures with her dog in the story on her Instagram account. In these photos, Priyanka was seen walking on the streets of London with her dog. She was wearing a maroon overcoat and during this time she looked very beautiful and happy.

In the web series 1962: The War in the Hills, Rohan Gandotra plays the character Karan Yadav. It will release on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP on February 26, 2021. The series is shot in Ladakh. Rohan said that he had difficulty breathing during the shooting in Ladakh. The oxygen level was too low. He had a hard time shooting between the shivering cold and the sandstorm.

Rohan Gandotra said, “I went to Ladakh for the first time.” I had heard that people have difficulty breathing there. So I prepared myself by doing yoga and breathing exercises. But when I got there, none of my preparations worked. When we reached Ladakh, on the first day we were all asked to rest in the hotel. The next day my nose started bleeding, but I was told that it was normal. ”

“Then when we got out, I saw that oxygen was being sold in small shops. This was new to me. When we reached the set, which was higher than our hotel, we had to face tough weather. Not only the sandstorms came there, but the scorching cold air shook all of us. Initially it seemed very challenging, but then gradually our body became accustomed to these conditions. In the end, with the encouragement and support of teamwork and Mahesh sir, we were able to perform our best even in those difficult situations. ”

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The series stars Abhay Deol, Akash Thosar, Sumit Vyas, Rohan Gandotra, Anoop Soni, Mayang Cheng, Mahi Gill, Rochelle Rao, Hemal Ingale etc. in the lead roles. The series has been shot in the highlands of Ladakh and remote villages in India, making it look genuine and believable.

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Inspired by the true events, the series 1962: The War in the Hills is the story of soldiers who, despite being armed with absolutely modest weapons, stopped a large number of intruding soldiers from there. It is one of the greatest encounters in the history of the military. About 60 years ago, our soldiers showed indomitable courage and bravery to protect Ladakh, an integral part of our country. This battle we are fighting till today. It is the story of 125 soldiers who courageously faced 3000 Chinese soldiers. The story of this 10 episode war-drama has been written by Charudatta Acharya and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. He has not only beautifully depicted the war, but has also shown the personal life of the soldiers and their sacrifice for country service.


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