Durga 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The People’s Justice Center (PJC) led by Kamal Haasan, which has formed a separate team in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, on Wednesday released the first phase list of candidates. It has been announced that Kalam’s adviser who has joined the party will contest in the Anna Nagar constituency in Chennai.

The ruling AIADMK-led coalition in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections includes the BJP, BJP, Tamaga and the Revolutionary Bharatiya Janata Party. The opposition DMK-led alliance includes the Congress, Madhyamaka, Vizika, CPI, CPM, IUML, Mamaka, Tawaka and the BJP.

Led by Kamal Haasan’s People’s Justice Center party, Sarathkumar’s Equality People’s Party and IJK have formed an alliance. Kamal Haasan insists that this is not the third team but the first team.

The party-led coalition is contesting 154 seats, the IJK 40 and the Samajwadi Party 40.
In this context, the list of first phase candidates contesting on behalf of the People’s Justice Center Party has been released today. There are 70 candidates in the list of the first phase candidates of the People’s Justice Center. Recently, it was announced that Bonraj, an adviser to Abdul Kalam from Manima, is contesting from Anna Nagar constituency in Chennai.


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