DU, which is rated as an Institute of Eminence, is moving towards becoming a research hub in the coming times. DU has started its preparation. In the proposal of the Institute of Eminence itself, DU had said to open new schools. After that there was a general meeting of the Governing Council of the Institution of Eminence recently, in which DU is advancing the plan to open new schools.

DU acting Vice Chancellor Prof. PC Joshi said that the process of building new schools under the Institute of Eminence has moved forward. The Governing Council has met for this. Each school has a separate governing council.

It is to be noted that DU has got the status of Institute of Eminence by the Central Government in November 2019. There is also a provision of one thousand crore rupees to start it. Out of which, DU has received some amount.

MK Pandit, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Institute of Eminence and Professor of Environmental Science, said that to promote the research, we had asked for proposals from DU teachers, researchers. People enthusiastically participated in it and given their qualifications and standards, around 250 projects have been given. We hope that good publications will come out in it which will help in improving the ranking of the university.
Apart from this, 5 to 6 post doctoral fellows are taking in every school. It has passed in the Governing Council meeting. There will be a university mentor and fellow and a foreign fellow. In this way, we want to create a group of 100 men. We can make them in the Visiting Fellow University, there is less international faculty here, this will also help in increasing the ranking. Work is going on in all these directions.

The research will be done through these centers
Delhi School of Public Health
Delhi School of Governance and Public Policy
Delhi School of Transnational Affairs
Delhi School of Climate Change and Sustainability
Delhi School of Informatics, Computing and Data Analytics
Delhi School of Environment and Entrepreneurship Development
Delhi School of Performing Art
Center for Global History

This is the goal –
multidisciplinary research in collaboration with government, society and industry –
working closely with government , industry and society
– appointing world-class teachers and researchers
– encouraging students in their research, positive academic environment, qualified students Work with
– Self-reliance in the field of research and innovation
– Attracting foreign students to study here –
Connecting alumni to the institute
– Connecting technology with other facilities including library, academics –
World class campus


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