DU first cut-off list 2020: University of Delhi (DU) has released the first cutoff on Saturday for admission in undergraduate courses from academic session 2020-21. However, on the basis of this cutoff, the admission race will start tomorrow i.e. October 12. Under this, candidates will get 55 hours for the first time admission application.

Admission will be online, due to the conditions arising from the corona scheduled to open the portal, Delhi University (DU) has made several important changes in the admission process this time. Under this, the admission process will be completely online. For admission applications, the admission portal will open from 10 am to 5 pm Wednesday. During this period, the portal will be open day and night.  

Digital calculator will tell Best of 4, this time calculating the Best of 4 marks of the candidates will not be a headache for the candidates including the college. This calculation will make digital calculator available in DU admission portal. DU is going to use this digital calculator for calculating DU Best of 4 for the first time. At the same time, the candidates will get the information of their best of 4 marks in the dashboard of the portal. Along with this, the candidates will also be able to know that in which college courses they can get admission from the cutoff released based on their best of 4 marks.

See the cut off list here

1- DU 1st cut-off  BA Programme Course All Colleges Cutoff List

2-DU 1st cut-off  Arts & Commerce Courses All Colleges Cutoff List

3-  DU 1st cut off List 2020 Science all colleges

Before the cancellation of admission, the colleges will inform. To make the
online admission process easier, this time the candidates have kept in mind the problems occurring at the time of admission. This time DU College will inform the candidates on the admission cancellation or any kind of mistake in the application and will make the corresponding changes and ask to improve the application. 

Verification of documents will be done in three phases The verification of documents to be uploaded during admission will be done in three phases on behalf of DU. In the first phase, the teachers in charge, the admissions committee at the second level and the principals of the colleges in the third phase will be able to verify the documents. Principals will have complete records of DigiLocker, including the state educational boards. Through which he will be able to check the academic documents of the candidate if in doubt.


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