There are many questions in the minds of students regarding online admission in DU. Out of this, Dr. Suman Kumar, Member of Admission Branch has answered some questions.

Question- I want to do English Honors. Can I add Hindi to Best of Four? 
– Curiosity 
answer- If you want to graduate with English Honors, then you cannot add Hindi to your Best of Four. 

Question- After enrolling for the first cutoff, if my name comes in the list of ECA (Extra Curricular Activities), can I cancel the first cutoff and enroll in a better college? 
– Punit
Answer – If your name appears in the list of ECA, you can cancel the previous admission and enroll according to ECA. 

Question- Can I add the marks of Physical Education to my Best of Four? If yes, will the 2.5 per cent mark be deducted from it?
– Pranjal
Jawab- You can add Physical Education to the Best of Four but for this, 2.5% marks will be deducted. 

Question- When will the ECA list be released?
– Mayank
Jawab – Its date has not been released yet. The committee is working on it.

Question- When will the process of admission in hostels start?
– Simran
Jawab – There is a different procedure for admission in different colleges. In such a situation, you can get information about the college where you enroll. 

Question- When will the non-collegiate women’s education board cutoff come? 
– Meenakshi
Jawab – The first cutoff of NCWeb will be released with the third cutoff of regular in graduation. 


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