Online admission process is started in DU. Many questions are being asked by students on the Hindustan Helpline. Student Summon Kumar replied to the queries of the students.

Question: If I choose a college or course in the first cutoff, can it change if I get the desired college in the second cutoff? In the first cutoff I have chosen Philosophy Honors in Daulatharam College, but now I want to take political science honors in the second cutoff?
 – Tarun Singh 
Answer: If in the second cutoff, if the cutoff of the subject you like is compatible with your best of four, then you can cancel the first cutoff and enroll in the second cutoff. Get admission in the first cutoff only after the second cutoff is admitted.

Question: I passed 12th from CBSE in 2007 with 63% marks. I worked with SOL in 2007, but could not pass. Can I get BA in DU again?
-Rajbir Kaur

Answer: There is no age limit for admission in DU. If you have applied for the regular course, then you should check your cutoff and apply in the respective college and subject. In addition, you can apply again at DU’s School of Open Learning. Its application process is about to begin.

Question: I want to do B.Com Hons. Which college is better?
answer: All DU colleges are better. You can go and enroll in the college where your cutoff is coming.

Question: How do we add Best of Four?
– Pallavi
Answer: To add DU’s Best of Four, one language topic and the other three topics in which your marks are better or the subject you want to enroll. Its detailed information is on DU’s website. You can get more information by clicking this link 

Question: When will SOL admission to DU start?
– Rajan
Question: DU will start admission of SOL soon. For this, you keep looking at SOL website. 


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