China on Monday ignored US President Joe Biden’s remarks that his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping is not molded in the mold of democratic ideas, saying the two countries should focus on cooperation and resolve differences.

Biden admitted in an interview with CBS Television last Saturday that he had not yet held talks with President Xi since his swearing in on January 20. Biden, however, said that they had met on several occasions when they were both Vice-Presidents of their respective countries.

“I know them very well,” said Biden. He said that when the two of them meet, they will have a lot to talk about. Biden underlined Xi Jinping’s way of autocratic rule, saying he was not cast in the mold of democratic ideas.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin did not provide a direct response when asked to comment on Biden’s remarks. He said, President Xi Jinping has had many contacts with President Biden. It is necessary to maintain dialogue at all levels between China and the United States for mutual understanding and development of bilateral relations.

He said, China is committed to developing a relationship with America that is non-confrontational, based on mutual respect and cooperation. He said, meanwhile, China will continue to vigorously defend its national sovereignty, security and development interests. Both sides should focus on cooperation, resolve differences and promote the development of Sino-US relations.


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