Doraemon: Nobita married Shizuka and fans started celebrating on social media this way

‘I am a sweet miracle in life, I am a new spring, I will change the world…’ If you start humming these lines, then believe me you are a big fan of Doremon. Doraemon is one of the children’s favorite cartoon shows in India. Let us tell you that Doraemon is a time traveling robotic badge. Nobita is the best friend of shy nature.

If you have seen this show in childhood, one thing you must also know is that Nobita loves his friend Shizuka Minamoto very much. Not only this, Nobita is also often trying to impress Shizuka with the help of Doraemon. Let me tell you that Nobita’s efforts to impress Shizuka have finally paid off.

In the new movie, ‘Stand By Me Doraemon 2’, Nobita is shown marrying childhood friend Shizuka. The movie has also been released in Japan in November 2020. According to the media reports, this film will be released worldwide by June this year. This information comes from a tweet by CBI Pictures. Let me tell you that as soon as the news of Nobita and Shizuka’s marriage came to know, their happiness was not there and Nobita became a strong trend on Twitter.

In the tweets below you can also see how Nobita and Shizuka’s wedding fans are expressing their happiness on hearing the news …


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