US President Donald Trump has said that he is feeling like a ‘Superman’ (very powerful) after being infected and treated with Kovid-19 and this treatment has developed immunity against him. Let us tell that 2,16,000 Americans have died due to Corona virus infection in America and Superman is a fictional superhero.

Donald Trump was found infected with the Corona virus on October 1 and was admitted to a military hospital for three nights and four days. Trump had declared himself healthy after treatment with a mixture of an experimental antibody drug. White House practitioners have allowed him to participate in the election rally.

Trump said Tuesday at an election rally in Pennsylvania, ‘I know that I took some (medicine), after which I recovered very soon. I don’t know what it was. It was an antibody drug. I do not know. I took these and I feel like Superman. ‘ The President thanked the physicians treating him. Trump said of his immunity, ‘Now I have immunity. I can come down and kiss anyone. ‘

Melania has not yet been publicly revealed
President Donald Trump has started an election campaign after suffering from Kovid-19 and recovering after treatment, but his wife Melania Trump, who is infected with the Corona virus along with the President, has yet to go public. Has not appeared in the form. Melania gave information about her health a week ago, in which she said she had minor symptoms of infection. The White House also has not said when the First Lady will appear in public.


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