Kangana bothers Ranaut more than nepotism and Bollywood mafia, this thing, said- My hunger flies up ...

Donald Trump demands Joe Biden's drug test, Kangana Ranaut supports

Kangana Ranaut participates passionately in every case. Kangana keeps an eye on things from Bollywood to work with actors, stories happening in the country and even international affairs. In such a situation, they always keep their opinion in front of the people. Kangana Ranaut, who is fighting a case of sabotage and BMC in her office, has gained a lot of followers on social media. After talking about India’s farmers bill, she is now supporting US President Donald Trump.

Kangana Ranaut is constantly talking about the drug connection of Bollywood in India. Now he has responded to a tweet by Donald Trump. In fact, Trump stood in the Presidential election of America, who demanded Biden’s drug test. Trump wrote in the tweet that before and after the debate on Tuesday night, those who want Biden’s drug test and are ready to get their test done together. Trump has also raised questions about his debate performance.

In response, Kangana praised Trump. He wrote, ‘I do not appreciate the content of this tweet but the context in which it is being spoken. The charge of taking drugs is like abusing someone. Better than abusing someone’s mother or shaming her on her mental health. We as a society should understand what we consider worthy of shame.

Kangana does not hesitate to present her case

Let me tell you that earlier Kangana Ranaut, actress Anushka Sharma and Sunil Gavaskar have put their views on the case, farmers bill, drug mafia, Bollywood mafia, nepotism, Uddhav Thackeray, Maharashtra government and other things. Apart from this, Kangana is also fighting a war with BMC over the sabotage in her office. Kangana says that she is not a fighter. She says that she never starts a fight but does not back down from ending every battle.



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