Former US President Donald Trump expressed unhappiness over the arguments made by defense counsel on the first day of the impeachment hearing. CNN quoted two people familiar with the case as saying that Trump was so frustrated by his lawyer Bruce Canter’s initial argument that he was almost shouting. Republican lawmakers such as Bill Cassidy, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz have already publicly criticized Trump’s legal team for not being able to make firm arguments during a hearing that impeachment hearings against a former president Whether constitutional or not.

The Senate voted Tuesday to declare the impeachment hearing against Trump constitutional, with 56 votes cast in favor and 44 in opposition. Six Republican lawmakers supported the Democratic Party in the vote.

Impeachment Trial against Trump Constitutional: Senate The
US Senate has said the impeachment trial against former US President Donald Trump is purely constitutional. The Senate on Tuesday voted 56-44 in favor of impeachment investigation against Trump. Voted and now on Wednesday afternoon, impeachment will be discussed again.

Earlier the lawyers of the former president had urged the senators to dismiss the impeachment as unconstitutional and blatantly false allegations, but the senators rejected their appeal and declared the impeachment constitutional. Lawyers said Trump had nothing to do with the January 6 violence in Capitol Hill.

Significantly, Trump’s supporters attacked the Congress Building Capitol Hill in Washington on January 6 and damaged property. The violent incident occurred after he addressed thousands of supporters near the White House. Five people, including two women, were killed in the violence that erupted during the protest, while police have also arrested several people in this connection. Trump is accused of inciting the violence in Capitol Hill, due to which there is talk of impeachment against him.

impeachment proceedings against Trump continued in the US Senate The impeachment proceedings against Trump began with a sermon and oath of allegiance after which senators began voting on a resolution of further procedures. All senates will argue for the constitutionality of the trial for four hours during this proceeding. A few days after this proceeding, the Senate will act as a court of impeachment and decide whether the former president is guilty of ‘inciting rebellion’.


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