Do not allow these things to happen in the house, it will remain Mahalaxmi's grace

To get the blessings of Mahalakshmi, some things should be kept away from home. Laxmiji loves all colors. However, do not keep black objects in the house other than the kitchen. On the other hand, things whose brightness fades quickly. Avoid storing them.

Also, take good care of pictures, clothes and other colorful accessories. In the event of lying like this, the grace of the mother can be reduced. Do not use war equipment, toys and pictures in the drawing room of the house. If possible, such items should be kept hidden. Everyone sits together in the drawing room. Here, use things that increase love confidence and spontaneity in thoughts. Also avoid excessive electric appliances in the drawing room.

At the same time, remove the damaged appliances used in cleaning as soon as possible. Do not give the old broom etc. a place in the house without reason. After cleaning, keep them in such a place where no one can see them. Also, do not use very bright colors at home. Use gentle colors. Choose colors from the choice of children and women.

Also, do not make the mistake of saving something broken. Remove or remove them. Broken glass, crockery and other items are frequently seen. This distracts. Important actions are interrupted.


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