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Do Giants Fall? Group H Is The Group Of Death That Stands In The Way Of Ronaldo And Suarez:  More uncertainty heading into the Qatar World Cup, which has already seen plenty of spectacle beyond predictions
Group H is opening new possibilities to create.

In addition to giants Portugal and Uruguay, South Korea, an Asian power that is accustomed to coups.

African powerhouses Ghana, who lost to Portugal in the first match, will also arrive
The fights in Group H will be beyond the predictions.


Three with a hard-earned win over Ghana as all the teams in the group finished with one match apiece
Parangipatak has managed to top the group by securing points.
But Portugal still needs to improve their team game if they are to make it past the group stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Jao Felix, Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Nuno Mendes, Diego Dalot
Although the team has talented players, beyond individual excellence, it has become a team like a well-oiled machine
Only by playing more cooperatively will Portugal be able to do wonders in the tournament.


Latin American giants Uruguay need a major title soon to return to their former glory
Must own.

The team, which last won the FIFA World Cup in 1950 and the Copa America in 2011, is a shadow of its glory days.
The situation is current.

Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunes, Edinson Cavani etc. are still in the team.
But they could not show their strength on paper against South Korea.

Uruguay managed to get only one on-target shot in front of the Korean goal. Enter the playing field
Portugal and Ghana will lose Uruguay’s World Cup if they are not able to play with accurate calculations.
Expectations will be dashed.

The ones who are capable of putting up a good show as well as being the ones who end the World Cup hopes of the big teams
South Korea has emerged as a power that can project its power.

In 2018, Korea showed its strength in world football by crushing Germany and Uruguay in the first match.
Despite the draw, they still have the potential to make it past the group stage.
With great squad depth, including Tottenham superstar Son Hyun Ming playing in various top leagues in Europe
Korea is a team capable of doing wonders in this World Cup.


Ghana is the other giant in Group H. Even though they lost to Portugal and had to forfeit a point until the last minute
African powerhouse Ghana conceded defeat by shaking the ball until the last minute of the game
It is not impossible for Ghana to overcome Korea and Uruguay if they can play with confidence.

With strong teams coming together, fans can expect fierce battles in Group H. Ronaldo,
It is certain that Suarez and Son Hyun Ming will not be together in the fields of Qatar beyond the group stage.


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