Ayodhya: The movement in Ramjanmabhoomi complex is fast for the construction of Ram temple. The work of digging the foundation for the construction of Ram temple has also started. In order to develop the areas around the Ram temple and keep in mind the basic amenities of the devotees, on Thursday, District Magistrate Ayodhya has inspected the Ram Janmabhoomi area with full vigor, including the cleanliness of the roads and the facilities available to the devotees. The security arrangements for the Ram Janmabhoomi temple complex were discussed. All the principal officers and SP security of the district were present. Terrestrial inspection of Ram Janmabhoomi Darshan Marg Dorahi Kuan, Old Bus Stop, Hanumangarhi area was done. In view of the increasing number of devotees estimated for the construction of the temple of Ramlala, the administration is going to develop these areas keeping in mind the facilities of the devotees.

Number of devotees increases on holiday

The number of devotees has increased in Ayodhya on consecutive holiday days since the Bhumi Pujan and Ram temple construction started for the temple construction on 5 August. On holiday, devotees from nearby districts are reaching Ayodhya in large numbers. In such a situation, the district officer has inspected the roads around the Ram Janmabhoomi with respect to the basic facilities of the devotees and the security system of the Ram Janmabhoomi complex.

Roads will be widened

The proposal to widen all roads connecting the Ram Janmabhoomi road has been accepted. Now the encroachments on these routes will be removed soon. Care should be taken that there is no inconvenience to the devotees on the way. On the condition of roads around Ram Janmabhoomi, the District Magistrate has done a terrestrial inspection with his team and all directions have been given by the District Magistrate to the subordinates. The district administration is taking care that there should be no inconvenience to the pilgrims coming to Ayodhya, and in such a situation, all the roads leading to the Darshan Marg of Ramlala will be clean and wide and the encroachment will be free.

The District Magistrate said that inspections have been done regarding the maintenance of roads in the areas around Ram Janmabhoomi, Hanumangarhi and Dorahi Kuan. The intention of the Chief Minister and the administration is that in the coming days the number of devotees in Ayodhya will increase a lot and it has also come to the fore that the number of devotees in Ayodhya increases on holiday days. In view of this, necessary steps are being taken keeping in mind the convenience of devotees. Today we have checked the maintenance and cleanliness of roads in the areas around Ram Janmabhoomi. There will be extensive planning on this in the coming days.


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