It is very important for you to get a driving license if you drive a vehicle. Driving a vehicle without DL is a crime. At the same time, after the implementation of the new motor vehicle law of the country, there is a provision of a fine of Rs 5,000 for being caught driving a vehicle without driving license, which was earlier just Rs 1,000. In such a situation, RTOs keep going around the office to build DL and they lose a lot of money by burning in the bluff of brokers. Now some states have given the facility. If you live in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi NCR or Jharkhand, then you can apply online for driving license.

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For this, you just have to fill the online form given on the official website of the Transport Ministry and upload the documents sought along with the form. With this, you can also book one of your slots for the test. After the slot is booked, the applicant will get a date for the test, which can be selected according to convenience. Under the new procedure, the applicant has to deposit the fees for the online driving license immediately after the slot is booked. Applicants can then choose the date for the license examination as per their convenience. A gateway to deposit fees online is given on the website itself.

This happens online test

The applicant is first given a learning license, before which the applicant has to undergo an online test. For this, you have to take the online test in your respective transport office. A total of 10 questions are asked in this online test and they have to be answered within just 10 minutes. Applicants who give correct answers to 6 or more of 10 questions are considered to pass the test. The certificate of passing this test is mailed to the mail id of the applicant. You can take print out copy of this certificate from anywhere.


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