In Mumbai, everyone is troubled by the power problem on Monday. TV actress Divyanka Tripathi also shared her troubles through social media. Divyanka tweeted, ‘Got out of work, now idle and back from lifeless. Brother, someone will tell why there is no electricity in Mumbai today?

A user commented on Divyanka’s tweet, “Learn to live without makeup, even without AC, Madam Dahiya.”

Divyanka gave a befitting reply to this comment from the user. He wrote, ‘Don’t be an unnecessary hero Uncle, work was official in which there is no need for make-up, but you make special comments in such a way that people like you have installed the camera of Big Boss. Write something good, give blessings, otherwise keep working.

Do not become an unnecessary hero Uncle. The work was official in which no makeup was required. But special comments are made by people like this, where you have installed the camera of Bigg Boss.

Write something good, give blessings, otherwise keep working!

The user replied to Divyanka, ‘My blessings are with you, Divyanka! Do good movies and don’t get into drugs. Don’t even go to Karan Johar without forgetting it.

Divyanka replied, ‘It was very nice. Thank you from the heart, nowadays everyone generally walks others without reason. No matter how strong the artist looks, the heart hurts. The day that father went to Bhopal by handing over this city, the effort is that his head should remain high. It will also remain a lotus in the lotus mud.

Let us know that Divyanka is very active on social media and also posts comments of fans. A few days ago a fan even asked him to become a mother. Actually, a fan said on Divyanka’s post, ‘Mam we all want you to be a mother’. On this matter of the fan, Divyanka said while answering, then when I work, all of you guys take care of my baby.

Let me tell you that Vivek told an interesting thing on Instagram Live some time ago. During the live session, when asked Vivek the reason for his being in clean shave, he had said, it is my choice not to keep a beard, it is my own cleanliness. After this Vivek jokingly says, but I do not want my wife to be itchy with my beard because I am the husband to think about all these matters. As soon as Vivek says this, Divyanka kisses him and says, yes, he is a little friendly.

Talking about Divyanka’s professional life, she was seen in the last serial ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’. Karan Patel was in the lead role with Divyanka in the film.



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