Disha Patani arrives at her friend's wedding with make-up, robbed of pink glitter look

Recently, Pink Glitter makeup look of Disha Patani has come out which can surprise even a great professional makeup artist. Disha did a beautiful combination of pink gloss with pink eyeshadow. This look not only looked perfect for the spring season, but it also looked very beautiful.

Disha has done her own makeup many times

This is not the first time that Disha Patani has done her own makeup, she has also received praise from fans for fabulous makeup before. Disha Patani has been very much liked for her signature style of matte finish look and simple lip gloss. It is believed that the direction of this fabulous makeup can also be done by closing the eyes.

In the wedding of a friend, Disha made herself makeup

No one can believe that a star like Disha Patani would do makeup by herself for some special occasions. Disha Patani herself did makeup for the occasion of a friend’s wedding and looked pretty beautiful too.

Disha is not only in a party or wedding, but also in doing the daily routine make-up. Fans are also convinced of his skill. And keep taking makeup tips from them on social media. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that if the career of direction in films is not possible, then they also have another choice of career.


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