Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has achieved a different position in the film industry in a short time. On the basis of his natural acting, he has created a different place in everyone’s heart. But despite being popular, he is troubled by discrimination in the name of caste. They still have to suffer discrimination in the name of caste. Nawazuddin has explained this in an interview to a news portal.

Discrimination with Nawaz?

According to Nawaz, he comes from a small village in UP where there is a lot of discrimination in the name of caste. If Nawaz believed, his grandmother used to come from a small caste. Because of his grandmother, his family still has to suffer discrimination on many occasions. Nawaz says about this – My grandmother used to come from a small caste. Because of this, even today the village does not accept our family. For one time, this caste discrimination has reduced in cities, but it continues to be seen in rural areas. Not only this, Nawaz also says that his popularity does not matter in that village. Whether a person is rich or poor, if there is a small caste, then discrimination is seen there.

People shocked

Such a Bayan coming from such a big actor is shocking and disturbing. The Nawazuddin who is liked for his acting on the big screen, in real life, he is also fighting for his existence. If Nawaz believes, the situation of discrimination in his village is such that even if he wants, he cannot marry his Mamre relative among the ancestral relatives. All this is happening only due to caste discrimination.

Talking about the work front, Nawaz was recently seen in the film Serious Man. The film received a tremendous response from the audience and everyone praised the actor a lot. The story of the film also struck home in everyone’s heart.


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