Greater Noida: Elderly couple murdered after an overnight party, police suspect guest

Dileep’s Death An Accident Or Murder: If Killed By Luke Or Satheeshan?: After the OTT release, there are various discussions about Roshak on social media. The film told a revenge story in a very different way and gave the audience a new experience. The audience can create many interpretations for each character and each scene in the film. Like the Roshack test, depending on the mood and personality of the audience, the movie will be viewed in different ways.

Therefore, there are many comments and discussions about the film. One of them is Dileep’s death. Discussions are rife that Dileep was killed and it could be Luke or Satheesan himself.

When Luke comes home, he finds Dileep dead. After two years in the Gulf, Dileep died when his house was under construction. Brother-in-law Shashankan tells Luke that he died in an accident while returning home from unfinished work.


Some on social media are raising doubts that Luke killed Dileep. Luke, who came to the country to take revenge, may have run over and killed Dileep. Even so, he came to the country to destroy his good name and his family without revenge.

Dileep’s younger brother Anil is also taken to the hospital by Luke. When he is caught entering Luke’s house to take money, Anil is run over by Luke while running to escape. Luke says that he knows with despair when Sita says that he was saved by luck, sir, that God did not wait. It can be read from the disappointment on Luke’s face that Anil slipped out of his hands. It is possible that this cartwheeling will happen in Dileep’s case as well.

Some people are also sharing the guesses that Satishan killed Dileep. Satheesan also has an interest in Sujata from earlier. Dileep, knowing this in advance, tied her first. Satheesan killed Dileep in the desire to possess Sujata. When Sujata realizes that even after his death, Dileep is still thinking about him, he backs off.


But Satheesan can’t bear Luke tying Sujatha again. Sujatha is the first to be informed by Satheesan who follows Luke and discovers his and Dileep’s lies. Later, Satheesan, who cooperates in everything Sujata does, assures Luke that he will not come to her.

Satheesan says that even when he surrenders to the case at Luke station regarding Dileep’s death, he has not had enough of these locals. In other words, Satheesan knows that it was not Luke who killed Dileep. The question in the notes is whether Satishan’s happiness that he still hasn’t been caught can also be read from this dialogue.


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