Digipub News India Foundation Says Raid On The Wire Office Was Malicious: A consortium of digital media houses has condemned the Delhi Police crime branch raid on the office and editors’ residences of news portal ‘The Wire’. The raid was conducted on the complaint of BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya.

The Digipub News India Foundation said in a statement that the raid was aimed at creating fear in journalism. Media organizations and journalists are responsible for the wrong reports. However, the statement also said that the immediate unilateral police raid on the media house and the residences of the editors on the basis of a private defamation complaint filed by a spokesperson of the ruling party is malicious.

Malviya filed the complaint based on reports published by The Wire about the social media company Meta. In a statement, Digipub News India Foundation also pointed out that the related report was retracted by The Wire stating that one of the investigative teams of the report showed fraud.

However, after that, founding editor Siddharth Varadarajan, deputy editor M.K. In a statement, Digipub stated that the residences of Venu and others were raided and laptops, smartphones, etc. were seized.

Meanwhile, last day at The Wire’s office, editors Siddharth Varadarajan, and M.K. Delhi Police also raided the residences of Venu.

On October 31 at 4.45 am, Delhi Police Crime Branch officers conducted the inspection, M.K. Venu had said. He stated that the police checked his iPhone and iPad and similarly raided Siddharth Varadarajan’s house.

The Wire published a series of investigations alleging that Facebook’s parent company Metta had given special favors to Amit Malviya. But later this news was retracted. The Wire had also filed a complaint against former consultant Devesh Kumar for giving false news.

The Wire had issued a statement the other day indicating the error they had made.

‘Technology-based evidence is very complex. Therefore, fraud committed to endanger a media organization may not be detected by ordinary vigilance and vigilance. This is what happened to us,’ The Wire said in a statement suggesting the news source had misled them.

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