The eighth installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi may come after Holi, but the seventh installment of more than one lakh farmers of Uttar Pradesh hangs. Out of these 85,797 farmers show payment response pending and 49,027 payment failures. These figures are from the PM Kisan Portal. On the other hand, if we talk about the sixth installment, then the payment response pending of 484,822 farmers and 57,778 beneficiaries have failed. The reason for this is small mistakes, which the Yogi government is improving at the block level.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is addressing the problems of farmers on a priority basis. CM Yogi has directed to run PM Kisan Samadhan Abhiyan at district level from March 1 to 3 to deal with problems related to PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. In this regard, the Additional Chief Secretary Agriculture has also issued the mandate. Earlier also, PM Kisan Samadhan Day was implemented in the entire state from February 1 to 3 this month.

Access the Aadhar card and bank account details at the seed warehouse

The mandate issued by Additional Chief Secretary Agriculture Devesh Chaturvedi said that farmers whose Aadhaar number is wrong or due to not getting the name correct as per Aadhaar are not getting the benefit of Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi. In the office period till March 3, reach the state seed godown of your development block with your Aadhar card and bank account details and get your data corrected. He has directed the Directorate of Agriculture to send a message in this regard on the mobile of the beneficiaries of Aadhaar invalid and missmatch.

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He should deploy the Director of Agriculture and all the DMs of the state for three days as per requirement to the computer operators working in the Agriculture Department and other departments at the State Seed Warehouse of the Agriculture Department on every development block, where the Aadhaar number of farmers and the name as per Aadhaar be repaired immediately on the portal. For farmers who are getting at least one installment of the scheme, but their Aadhaar number or name is faulty, the data should be corrected by taking 100 percent verification of such farmers taking their details.

Other problems of farmers will also be solved

Progress of name amendment based on Invalid Aadhaar Correction and Aadhaar is displayed under the login of District Deputy Agricultural Director on, all the matters should be resolved daily as per the information displayed thereon. This solution is mainly being organized to get the name corrected according to the invalid basis and Aadhaar, but if the farmer approaches the development block on other problem, then the appropriate answer should be given in the resolution day.

Solution day will be held at development block level

He has instructed all DMs that Samadhan Divas at the development block level will be conducted by the seed warehouse in-charge of Agriculture Department. For his supervision any of the category 2 officers of the district will be nominated from the DM level.


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