Do you eat eggs for breakfast? If your answer is yes, then there are many precautions associated with eating eggs, which are very important to take care of. According to dieticians, if some things are not taken into consideration while consuming the eggs, then the eggs start to harm rather than profit. 

Egg contains the highest amount of protein. 
Egg is a complete diet for you. Like milk and meat, protein is obtained in large quantities from it, it also gives a lot of fat and minerals. Apart from these, the body gets all the nutrients from eggs, which leads to physical growth. It consists of 2 parts shell 58 parts white and remaining yolk (yoke). The shell contains mostly calcium carbonate, whiteness contains water and protein, along with fat.

Precautions related to eating eggs: Eat eggs fully cooked and  eating 
eggs is considered the safest. Eggs cooked in this way are easily digested. According to the study, 51 percent protein is found in raw eggs while 91 percent protein is found in cooked eggs. Many structural changes occur in proteins due to temperature. 

Do not drink raw eggs. Raw eggs contain protein in different parts and their texture is such that they are not mixed together. At the same time, when the eggs are cooked at temperature, these different forms of protein are broken and all these proteins are mixed together. This egg protein is easy for the body to digest.

Do not boil the egg for too long, loss of high temperature – although cooking the egg is the right thing, but cooking at high temperature kills many of its nutrients. According to one study, long time cooking of the egg reduces its vitamin A by about 17-20%. Microwaveing, boiling and frying an egg reduces its antioxidants by 6 to 18 percent.

If you eat this way, then the risk of heart disease will be increased, there is 
a lot of cholesterol found in egg yolk. A large egg contains about 212 milligrams of cholesterol. When the eggs are cooked at high temperatures, these cholesterol is oxidized and converted to oxysterols. This is a concern for many people because oxysterols increase the risk of heart diseases.


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