Due to their busy schedule, Diya and Vaibhav have gone to Maldives for their honeymoon after about 1 month of marriage. During this, Diya has shared many of her bikini photos on social media. But recently, Diya shared another photo which is becoming viral very fast. Her husband’s daughter is seen with Diya in the photo. On seeing this photo, people are giving many types of feedback on social media.

Diya shares photos with stock

In this shared photo of Diya, she is seen posing with Vaibhav Rekhi’s daughter Adabra. In the photo, Diya is wearing a white dress in which she looks very beautiful. And during this period, Adara appeared wearing a black printed dress. While sharing the photo, Diya gave her credit to her address Vaibhav. At the same time, Diya’s fans are very liking and sharing this photo of him, as well as he is praising Adhara for taking him along.

Diya has married Vaibhav for the second time

Please tell that Diya had shared some of her bikini photos on social media earlier also. These photos of him also made a lot of headlines. Fans are very fond of this new avatar of Diya. is. Please tell that Diya has married this second from Vaibhav. Suddenly, Diya surprised everyone by telling her the decision to marry.


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