Dharmendra and Hema Malini's marriage had such a reaction from first wife Prakash Kaur

Bollywood veteran actor Dharmendra has been a superstar of his time. His stardom remains intact even today. People of all ages present in the country are his fans. People liked his on screen and off screen chemistry with Hema Malini. Although Hema Malini is Dharmendra’s second wife. Yet both of them have love story discussions till date.

You will be surprised to know Hema and Dharmendra’s love story and the reaction of his wife Prakash Kaur on marriage. In an old interview, Prakash Kaur said on Hema and Dharmendra’s marriage that there was and will be a person in her life and she is Dharamji. Apart from this, she also said that she does not care about people, she will enjoy life in her own way.


Nobody cares

Prakash Kaur gave this interview to Stardust in the year 1981. In this interview Prakash Kaur was seen full of confidence. Prakash Kaur said, “I am a homemaker, I love my home and my children. I don’t care what people say about me or my way of living. Everyone has their own lifestyle.” “


Respect dharam ji

Prakash Kaur said, “Dharam ji is my first love and the last hardest in my life. He is the father of my children. I love him and respect him a lot. What happened is gone. I don’t know that I I should accuse him or my fate. But one thing is certain that no matter how far away he is from me, he is there whenever I need him. I have not lost my faith in him. After all he is the father of my children. . “


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