DGP Mahender Reddy: The Police Department Is Moving Ahead With The Latest Technology In The Country: Police Martyrs’ Day was celebrated under the auspices of the Telangana State Police Department at Gosha Mahal Police Stadium. State Home Minister Mahmood Ali, DGP Mahender Reddy, CP Stephen Ravindra, and many senior police officers participated in the Remembrance Day of Police Martyrs. Retired police officers paid their respects. Home Minister Mahmood Ali handed over the files of the martyred policemen to the State DGP. Telangana State DGP Mahender Reddy said. Police Martyrs Day is celebrated on October 21 every year. He asked everyone to remember those who died in the line of duty while protecting the country, money, and human life. This year 264 policemen were killed in the line of duty. He said that Chief Minister KCR is working hard to make Telangana a crime-free state.

He said that the Telangana State Police Department is moving forward with the latest technology in the country. He appreciated that the police department is constantly working to protect civil rights and the people. He said that Telangana State Police Department will provide protection to the people by introducing many CC cameras and police stations as a part of making it a crime-free state. Up to 10 lakh CC cameras have been installed in towns and villages across the state. The target is to install 15 lakh CC cameras in the coming days. Chief Minister KCR is working as a devil for police welfare. Cashless treatments for police, corporate free education for police families, funds for foreign education, and many welfare schemes are said to be implemented. He said that Chief Minister KCR has arranged 11,000 state-of-the-art vehicles to bring them in line with the developed country. He said that the command control building is proof of CM KCR’s standing. It is a matter of pride that the Telangana state police system is ahead in the country. My tributes to the martyrs who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Now Home Minister Mahmood Ali Speaking.. on the occasion of Martyrs’ Remembrance Day, paid tribute to the martyrs of the policemen who were martyred in the Chinese invasion. This year, 264 martyrs were paid tribute across the country. He said that the development of the country will continue only if there is peace and security in the country. He said that the police are working tirelessly to prevent the rise of terrorism and sectarian enmity in the state of Telangana. He said that a lot of effort has been made to prevent any untoward incidents from happening in Telangana Padugall recently. He said that the government will always come forward for their welfare to perform their duties in a more dignified manner. He said that I pay my heartfelt respect to all those who died for the country.

Police Martyrs Day program at Cyberabad Police Commissionerate Office, Gachibowli CP Stephen Ravindra Tributes were paid to the martyred policemen. The CP said that the department will stand by the policemen who died in the line of duty. This year, 264 martyrs were paid tributes across the country. Police Martyrs’ Day will be celebrated as a mark of the sacrifices of the martyred soldiers and the martyred policemen across the country. It is said that even if you pray to God when you are in trouble, it is the police who come first. He said that it is the police who protect people’s lives and money. He said that apart from monitoring law and order, the police are dealing with all the changes in society. He said that if you call Dial Hadred, the police will appear there immediately. CP said that the police are struggling with the changing times.
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