Despite Playing With Ten Men, Mohun Bagan Did Not Lose To Mumbai, They Could Have Won If They Took Advantage Of The Opportunity: Mohun Bagan could not beat Mumbai City despite playing like a winner. In the beginning, the goal paid off. Once again, the goal was rewarded. Despite playing with ten men in the last twenty minutes, Mumbai’s defense was torn apart. Yet victory remained elusive. Mohun Bagan could not win even one of the seven matches. Losses in four, draw in three. But what Mohun Bagan played at the Mumbai Football Arena today should make their fans feel proud. Juan Ferrando and his boys deserve unstinting praise for the way Mohun Bagan fought back despite conceding a goal within four minutes of the away match and playing with ten men for the last 16 minutes. It’s not just about winning. Instead of three points, you have to be satisfied with one point. However, one thing is clear from what Mohun Bagan played till the last minute of the match, Mohun Bagan is not moving away from the place of winning the league in this year’s ISL.

Playing at home has several advantages. The opponent starts with a slightly defensive attitude. But Mohan is not a servant of the coach and everyone. He started in that 4-3-3 formation. Deepak Tengri with Jonny Cauco and Hugo Bumo in midfield. Manveer Singh and Liston Colaso ​​are on the two wings up front. Striker Dimitri Petratos. But within four minutes the goal had to be conceded. Chang’s high shot from outside the box beat Vishal Keith and hit the bar. It seemed that it would not be like the last time. Last time in this match, Mumbai scored five goals against Bagan. But this Mohun Bagan is made of other metal. Manveer on the right and Johnny Kawko in the middle started to bowl one good ball after another. And to stop them, Mumbai lost the defense. Of their two center-backs, Mehtab Singh has been playing very well this season. Griffiths is also quite good next to him. But on Sunday evenings, their condition is quite bad. However, there is only one reason why Mohun Bagan could not repay the goal in the first half. Hesitation to take a shot at the goal area or pass the ball to the opponent’s feet while passing back without taking a shot himself. On the other hand, the tireless work of midfielder Ahmed Johu and the two wingers Change and Bipin Singh kept Mumbai’s attack active at all times. But Brendon Hamill and Pritam Kotal tried to overshadow themselves in the Bagan defense. In the beginning, Pritam was a little hesitant, but later on, he became a barrier in front of the opponent. And Brendan Hamill was great next to him. Greg Stewart and Diaz, two foreigners from Mumbai, did not let the duo lift the lid. And behind them was great Keith. Because of this goalkeeper, Bagan did not even eat a goal. John got the man of the match award, but even Vishal Kaith could have won this award.

After Chang’s goal within four minutes, Mohun Bagan could not score even after going to the penalty spot before the break. That goal came in the 47th minute. Mehtab’s clearance went into the goal while clearing Jonny Kawko’s shot. Deepak Tengri did not play well today. He was replaced by Lenny Rodrigues after the break. But he was red-carded for kicking Greg Stewart unnecessarily from behind. In the 74th minute of the match. Mohun Bagan became ten people. And before long they scored. In the 72nd minute, Ahmed Johu’s free-kick was headed by defender Griffiths and the ball bounced off the bar. Vishal went to fist that ball. His ball hit Griffiths’ head and went into the goal. The match should end there. But the players of Nachorbanda Bagan played with ten men and scored a goal in the 89th minute. Hugo Bumo’s replacement Carl McHugh headed in Dimitri’s free kick. Mohun Bagan did not lose. Mumbai left the field with his head held high. This draw, which is a must-win, is bound to boost their confidence in their next matches.


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