Despite low calories and exercise, your increased weight is not decreasing? Know what is the reason

Obesity comes as a big problem in people’s lives. Obesity is attributed to wrong eating. But despite reducing calories and exercising, people fail to end their obesity. Let us know what is the reason behind this.


Thyroid is believed to be the biggest cause of obesity. If your thyroid is not producing the right amount of thyroid hormone then you become obese. Along with this, you also get symptoms like fatigue, weakness, cold.


According to the report, weight gain in women increases during menopause. Metabolism weakens as we age, causing problems in burning calories. Due to menopause, the waist becomes more fat.

lack of sleep

You have to know that sleep is very important for your good health. Waking up late at night and drinking something or the other increases your calories due to which you become obese.


Stress proves extremely harmful for the body. Actually, taking stress creates cortisol hormone in the body which further increases the appetite in you. By taking stress, the mind wants to eat high calorie things, due to which the calories in your body increase further.

Quit smoking

Smoking habits are harmful for the body. But if you decide to quit smoking, then during this process there is a possibility of increasing obesity. But this problem also ends with time.


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