With the increase of corona virus cases, now cases of reformation have also started increasing gradually. However, cases of reinfection are still low and it was being said that the second time infection is minor. However, new research on reinfection has increased the concern of scientists. Research has shown that corona patients may experience more severe symptoms when infected for a second time. This study has been published in The Lancet magazine.

Immunity not guaranteed

A study published in The Lancet mentions the first case of reinfection found in America. This indicates that once the virus is in contact, no guarantee can be given about immunity. The study described a 25-year-old man who was infected with two different forms of SARS-CoV-2 within 48 hours.

Second infection more serious

Second infection was found to be more serious in young man than before. The condition of the young man became so serious that he had to put on oxygen support in the reformation. These cases of reformation have been seen so far in Belgium, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ecuador and now also in India.

Need more research

Experts say that cases of reinfection can have a profound impact on the possibility of reinforcing the epidemic. In particular, the entire world’s search for the vaccine may come as a shock. Nevada State Public Health Laboratory and lead author of the study, Mark Pandori, said, “In the absence of an effective vaccine, cases of reinfection suggest that we need to understand more on Covid-19 immunity.”

Serious Reinfection Cases

Mark Pandori said, ‘We need to do more research to understand how long immunity can last after exposure to corona virus and why people are getting infected again once they recover. Although the cases of reinfection are few but serious.

Questions on immunity

Questions on immunity- The vaccine works by fighting certain microbes in the body through immune response and makes antibodies in the body to fight infection in future. How long these antibodies will remain in the body, nothing can be said about this. For some diseases like measles, immunity becomes permanent in the body while for some germs, immunity remains in the body only for a few days.

Difficult to detect another infection

The authors of the study said that it may be that the American patient was infected with the high-dose virus for the second time, so there would be severe reactions. He said that this could also be a more viral strain of the virus. However, most cases of corona are asymptomatic, so it is difficult to say whether a person has been infected with the corona the first time or the second time.

Information will be available on the vaccine

Akiko Iwasaka, professor of immunobiology and molecular at Yale University, said the study’s results could affect public health measures. He said, “Increasing cases of reinfection will help scientists to understand about immunity and also explore the potential of vaccine.”


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