Dengue Patients Are Replaced With Plasma, The Death Of The Patient! The Video Of The Hospital Went Viral: As the day progressed, the number of dengue cases is increasing across the country. Besides, as the monsoon season has not yet ended, mosquitoes are breeding in stagnant water. In such a situation, several steps have been taken from the administrative level to raise dengue awareness, but there is no benefit. In fact, several people have already lost their lives due to dengue in our state. However, this time a sensational incident has come to light from Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh.

It is reported that a hospital there has been accused of giving musambi juice to dengue patients instead of plasma. One patient even died in that incident. In this situation, it is also known that the hospital against which the complaint has been filed has been sealed after this sensational news came out. Besides, the district administration has also ordered a proper investigation in view of the matter.

A team led by Dr. AK Tiwari conducted the investigation. Besides, the remaining patients of that hospital have now been shifted to other hospitals. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak has ordered strict action in this incident. Note that plasma is very important in the treatment of dengue patients. But, this time the allegations of fraud came up with that plasma.

According to the family of the deceased, on October 17, the person suffering from dengue was admitted to Global Hospital in the Jhalwa area of ​​Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. However, he died on October 19. In this case, the family of the deceased is alleging that instead of giving plasma, the patient died because of musubi juice.

Meanwhile, a video related to this has already surfaced. Whereas, it is seen that the plasma pouch is filled with musubi juice. Also, in that video, a person presents the whole thing. However, hospital sources claim that the sick patient’s platelets had dropped to 17,000. In this situation, after asking his relatives to arrange plasma, they brought five pouches of plasma from SRN Hospital. The patient fell ill after giving three of those pouches.

Following this incident, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak tweeted, “In a viral video, a dengue patient was allegedly given musambi lemon juice instead of platelets. After seeing that, the hospital was sealed. Also, pouches of platelets have been sent for testing. If the allegations are proven, strict action will be taken against the hospital.”


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