Dengue: Infected More Than 5 Thousand! Dengue Is Raising Panic In Hooghly: Two women died back to back in Srirampur last week. As soon as the festival is over, dengue scares.

The number of dengue cases is increasing in the state. Mosquitoes hanging on hospital beds. Such a picture was seen in Srirampur Walls Hospital. According to hospital sources, about sixty dengue patients are admitted here. However, many are undergoing treatment at home.

Last week, two women died back to back in Srirampur. As soon as the festival is over, dengue scares. Dengue statistics in Hooghly district say that more than five thousand have been infected so far. 600 active patients. Seven people died in Uttarpara, Konnagar, and Srirampur.

According to the District Health Department, Uttarpara, Srirampur, and Rishara have the highest number of dengue cases. Newly, the number of victims is increasing in Vaidyabati, Chandannagar, and Dankuni. In addition to the urban areas, the incidence of dengue is increasing in the blocks and rural areas.

After that today, BJP protested with mosquito nets in front of the Srirampur Municipal Council. Adak, president of BJP’s Srirampur organizational district, complained that Dengue has been increasing for the past month. About fifty thousand people are infected in West Bengal. People are dying without treatment. There is no proper infrastructure to deal with dengue. People are helpless. I will appeal to the West Bengal government to seek help from the central government.’

On the other hand, Trinamool MP Aparupa Poddar’s husband and child are under treatment in a nursing home suffering from dengue. That means how indifferent they are. The government will increase people’s awareness but it is not seen.’

On the other hand, residents of the municipality complain that garbage is not cleared on time. Garbage piles up in temporary vats.

Giridhari Saha, Chairman of Srirampur Municipality said, ‘Municipal health workers are working. Do not allow water to collect from house-to-house search. Dengue is seasonal. It will decrease in winter. But dengue is not desirable. We have prepared in advance. Waterlogging is the source of dengue. There is a campaign going on to prevent that from happening. Fever camps are being held in the most affected wards. Free blood tests are being done.’

The district health department is also saying to do blood tests only in case of fever. Arrangements have been made for blood tests in government hospitals. 24 hours labs have been opened.

In this regard, Hooghly District Chief Health Officer Rama Bhuiyan said, “There are more than 1,000 dengue cases in the three municipalities of the district. A few new municipalities are being added. For this, dengue tests are conducted in five major hospitals. Even in an emergency, if someone comes with a fever, special measures are taken for them. Dengue tests are also being done in normal patients along with platelet count. Not only dengue but also malaria is seen in Srirampur. So if you have a fever, you can’t mess around. Do not push the fever and go to the hospital and take necessary measures. If you do not like food, you should eat liquid food. Drink more water. Many times it is seen that patients come late, then there is nothing else to do.’ At the same time, he said, “Entomologists are taken to help identify dengue mosquito Aedes. But there is no permanent entomologist in the municipalities. An entomologist from the state health department has been deputed to find out which is the dengue larva.’


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