Delnaz Irani is playing the role of a cop in his new show “Hijack”, which will air on Tata Sky Amazing Stories. Delnaaz said his role was inspired by Rani Mukherjee’s character in “Mardaani”. “Hijack” is a crime thriller in which Delnaaz will be seen as a police officer named Shivani Singh. Which is made in partnership with Shemaroo Entertainment and Sky High Pictures.

How is Delnaaz’s character?

Talking about her character, the actress from the show “Kya Mast Hai Life” said, “My character is inspired by Rani’s character in ‘Mardaani’. I have seen both the films of Mardaani series, and I think Rani Has done a fantastic job. I have always been his fan favorite but it became more after ‘Mardaani’. I have tried to replicate his style in this show. ”

“When you think of Rani Mukherjee, you think of a sweet, delicate girl.” You do not consider him a police officer. But he did. Even with my personality, if Ujjwal and his team thought of me as a police officer, they must have believed me and I don’t think I disappointed them because there are so many people on the team who called me. Said that they are super happy with the character and the episode. The channel is also happy.

Delnaaz also recently joined the cast of the serial “Chhoti Sardarni”, but revealed that “Hijack” was the first show to open for him in other genres. She also admitted that she was a little nervous, but she is happy with the challenging roles that come her way.

Delnaaz said- “It feels great doing a crime thriller for the first time, but to be honest I didn’t believe that I would be able to do it. This is a show produced by a very dear friend of mine called Ujjwal Anand. We Years ago they did a show together, and they started their own production house. They called me one day and said that they are doing a crime thriller, so I want you to play Rani’s character in ‘Mardaani’ Be kind.


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