Delhi’s Air Pollution: Delhi Gas Chamber: Every year, the people of Delhi, the state capital, suffer from poor air quality. Experience the increasing intensity of Nikaran’s awesomeness. It is said that the state capital is turning into a gas chamber. If you check the air pollution level, you will be convinced that this is true.

Delhi’s air pollution has gone from dangerous to far below. is in Every day now reports that it is continuing. This kind of news is becoming common. The level of air pollution increases till the winter season. Now it’s normal. Vehicle emissions and emissions from industrial sectors The dust in the Na Mekhla and the straw in the agricultural land breathe Delhi. ticking

In the states surrounding Delhi, especially in Punjab and Haryana Smoke from Shi Bhoomi is polluting the air of Delhi. Farmers collect and burn straws and residues of previous crops. Agriculture accounts for 38 percent of Delhi’s emissions. It is caused by rising smoke.

Extreme and dangerous in India, especially in state capitals. Even the international media has been reporting from time to time that Maya is air. What RT is doing will affect the state’s wealth system. Tourism is the main source of income for India and especially Kerala. The experience of Air pollution in Delhi and North Indian cities The bill will also affect coastal towns. Abroad from taking a suicidal trip by inhaling polluted air It is natural that tourists will turn back. The number of foreign tourists coming to India has started to decline. That is what the figures indicate.

Hospitals in Delhi are seeing a rise in the number of patients with lung disease. . Cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, eye problems The number of people who come here is more. When people visit hospitals with respiratory illnesses It creates anxiety.

For those working in the field of health care for people with respiratory diseases, Delhi It is advised to stay at least four months after leaving Rathu. As advised by doctors, there are thousands of residents of Delhi. He left Lehi and searched for other places. Avoiding Delhi is the best remedy for many respiratory diseases. The doctor’s order is that. How many people left Delhi with the desire to live and today other states Live in People tell each other that their eyes are burning due to poison. .

Those who come to Delhi from abroad feel the brunt of the pollution. doing After Diwali, in the months of November and December, the population is true that it is scary in Last. Most of the people in the state capital have respiratory problems and other respiratory problems. Hospital records are also reporting related diseases. The hint.

Should people wear masks to protect against the coronavirus? Yes. Now health experts say the horrors of air pollution Masks must be worn to get relief from the fruit n. Now people are forced to wear masks even indoors. taking

Schools due to increased air pollution in the past The government will be forced to close. There is no doubt that it will happen again this time. Delhi is a major industrial city of Noida, a part of Uttar Pradesh. It is joined. The answer is that schools should go online up to the 8th standard. Rangi has finished. i.e. online classes in the months of November, December, and January Noida Authority has given schools in these areas only Rs. instruction Similarly, students should wear masks compulsorily. Answers are also available in law schools. Center and State should consider children’s health very seriously Governments are now speaking very loudly.

The tradition of working at home and working from home was widespread during the Covid period. . It has to be applied now. Air pollution has forced many companies to work from home. Young. Discussions of working from form have started in government offices as well. finished There is talk that the courts will be online like during the Covid period.

Air pollution in the state is critical. The news is now the topic of conversation in the whole state. If the air quality index is more than 400, it is a healthy human being. Health experts say that it is dangerous. The air quality average in Delhi reaches 440 is standing. Air pollution is above 430 in many parts of Delhi. level Health Effects Warning that it can cause widespread health problems. The messengers are giving. This cannot be ignored.

Construction activities are currently banned in Delhi. But this is done only in the government sector. Construction is going on in private areas. Fireworks are banned on Diwali. But thousands of firecrackers burst in many colonies in Delhi. Air pollution can be controlled only if people cooperate. Operation of diesel generators and operation of brick kilns Now we are also banned. Diesel vehicles have been restricted from entering Delhi. Delhi says it is urgent to declare a health emergency here. Chief Minister Kejriwal has said this year too.


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