The High Court on Friday granted relief to the accused in a rape case and ordered to be released on bail. The court has ordered the tattoo of the name of the accused on the victim’s body, considering the delay in filing the case as the main basis. The court has said that the victim alleged that the accused had forcibly made physical connections from September 2016 to May 2019, but she not only kept silence about this for 3 years but also did not tell her husband.

Justice Rajneesh Bhatnagar has ordered the release of the accused Sanjay from jail on the condition of depositing a personal bond of Rs 25,000 and a surety of the same amount. He accepted the pleas of the accused in which he stated that he loved the victim and that the two agreed to a physical relationship. The accused told the court in his defense that the victim had tattooed his name on his arm to show his love and also sent a picture to him via e-mail. Along with this, it was said that the victim later filed a false case of rape to implicate her. However, the victim told the court that the accused forcibly tattooed her name on her body and raped her for a long time by showing her indecent photographs.

The High Court has said that it is clear from the facts that such a tattoo can be made only through the use of special equipment through trained artists. Also said that it would not be possible to make such a tattoo when she (the victim) protested. Apart from this, the court has said that the police had seized the mobile phone of the accused at the time of arrest, but the police report is clear that it did not have nude photographs of the victim or anyone. The court said that according to the police report, there is no evidence of the accused threatening the victim. On the complaint of the victim woman, Delhi Police registered a case against Sanjay last year and arrested him. However, the High Court has made it clear in its order that none of his comments will have any impact on the facts of the case and further hearing.


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