The accused Sub Inspector Narendra has been put on the line in the case of four innocent people locked in a room in Malviya Nagar police station, brutally beating them with belts and poles and falsely inflicting a case on the victims. After the news was prominently published in Hindustan newspaper, the police officers took cognizance of the case and took action. Not only this, on the basis of the report of the ongoing departmental investigation against the accused SI, it is said that necessary action will be taken against him soon.

What is the matter …
On March 18 this year, Chirag in Malviya Nagar area got into a brawl and a fight between two people living in Delhi after a minor car collision. Whose complaint reached the police station. In this case SI Narendra was made a case IO. It is claimed that in this case the said policeman was demanding 75 thousand rupees for not registering the case. After which the people of the two sides settled the quarrel themselves on the second day and by mutual agreement, they sent a letter of reconciliation to four other people to Malaviya Nagar police station to cancel the case.

It is alleged that on hearing the reconciliation, the accused SI Narendra got agitated and took the four people who had reached the reconciliation, dragged him from his car and took them to police station room number-115. Where the four were beaten so brutally by belts and poles that there were many bruises on their entire bodies. After the incident, the four victims Mandeep, Satish, Kulbhushan and Atul were sent to the hospital for medical treatment. But before going there, the policemen also threatened not to tell everyone about the incident in the hospital.

A departmental inquiry is on against the accused, a
police official said that two departmental inquiries are being conducted against the accused SI. Based on whose report further action will be taken against him.


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